AP Grama Sachivalayam Application Status 2020 Payment Status

ap sachivalayam application status

AP Sachivalayam Application Status

AP Grama Sachivalayam Application Status: Andhra Pradesh State Recruitment drive for various departments for both Grama and Ward Sachivalayam posts more than 1.6+ lakhs posts. Those who have applied for the various types of posts in Grama and Ward and submitted the online application form and check the complete AP Sachivalayam application status.

If candidates have done mistakes in the OTPR application process, they have a chance to edit the application form before the last date of the application form.

After the successful submission of the AP Sachivalayam OTPR application form, download the application form and check the all the details were submitted correctly. If all the results submitted correctly then no need worry on the application status, “IT submitted application successfully”.

గ్రామా వార్డ్ సచివాలయం అప్లికేషన్ స్టేటస్

ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ గ్రామా మరియు వార్డ్ సచివాలయం అప్లికేషన్ స్టేటస్ లింక్ అందుబాటులో ఉంది, అభ్యర్థులు అప్లికేషన్ ఫారం రిజెక్ట్ అయిందా లేదా అప్ప్రొవె అయిందా లేదా పూర్తి వివరాలు అందుబాటులో ఉన్నాయ్.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Application Status

  • Name of the Authority: AP Sachivalayam Department.
  • Name of the Post: Grama & Ward Posts
  • Number of Posts: 1.6 Lakhs
  • Official Website: gramasachivalayam.ap.gov.in

AP Sachivalayam Application Rejected

Check the application form rejected reason, the possible reasons are included below, candidates should avoid those minor and major mistakes while filling the online application form.

  • Invalid Photo/Photo not clear.
  • Candidates signature not clear/ bold sign.
  • Eligibility not matched.
  • Academic Career not matched.
  • Name not matched as per the Aadhar Card (If Aadhar Card number given)
  • Application Payment not received.
  • The application is incompletely submitted.
  • Non-local information not matched.
  • Aadhar Card number Wrong.
  • The mobile number is invalid.

Make sure every candidate should submit the application without any error, if any error in the application form, resubmit the application form before the last date of the application.

AP Sachivalayam Application Status

If candidates have any further questions and doubts, can comment below the comment box for clarifications.

Sachivalayam Payment Status

  • If candidates getting Payment issues after submitting the Sachivalayam online application form, we advise check the payment status after 24 hours of payment made date and time.
  • Due to some technical glitz, the payment status may take 24 hours of time.
  • Don’t check the payment status after made from the back account, for payment confirmation is required at least 24 hours for the status change.
I made Sachivalayam application payment but it showing not paid, How to fix this issue.?

For such issues, please check the status after 24 hours of time.

Payment debited from the bank account but Sachivalayam application status showing not paid.?

Yes, this is an issue is raised due to application server loading issues and server cache issues.

How to contact the Sachivalayam for Technical & Payment Issues.?

For general queries: 9121296051, 9121296052, 9121296053, 9121296054, 9121296055 and Technical queries: 9121148061, 9121148062

Sachivalayam helps mobile switch off/not responding/busy.?

We advise making the call in working hours only (10 AM to 5 PM) from Mon to Fri.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Payment Status.?

For payment confirmation, it required at least 24 hours of time.

Sachivalayam Payment Status is Showing the same, What to do now.?

if your payment debited from a bank account, for the change of Sachivalayam payment status required 24 hours.


  1. My amount got debited but payment was not done what to do now when will get my amount back now once again i have to pay fee ?

  2. I applied the sachivalayam post and payment also done but I got a message payment is not done how to check my application status

  3. my payment is done successfully. but i am not got the confirmation about my application i can i know i have applied successfully or not. it has been half an hour and still i didn’t got the message even

  4. nenu grama sachivalayam digital assistant ki apply chesanu payment status success ani vachindi ,but mobile ki payment cheyali ani vastundi.reference id kuda vachindi,is there any problem.please reply urgently

  5. Hello good evening!
    Due to some technical issues I was unable to take print out at final.Can I get hall ticket without that information??

  6. I have paid fee amount of 200 rupees on 11th Aug. But still it was showing that the fee was not paid. Will the money get refunded into my account?.Pleas tell me….

  7. I am complited all details in sachivalam post.complite payment in my account amount deducted but not succestull my application form.now what can I do

  8. Hello, applied for sachivalyam 2020 recruitment. Payed the fees and money is deducted from my account, can I know the status of application

  9. I paid the payment for grama sachivalayam digital assistant amount was deducted but it was displaying fee not paid.please solve my problem.

  10. I paid the payment for grama sachivalayam digital assistant. my amount was deducted but it was displaying fee not paid.please solve my problem.

  11. I paid payment to sachivalayam digital assistant amount deducted from my account but payment not proceeded how can get my money .. return …please solve the issue

  12. My payment is done successfully but I am not got confirmation about my application can I know whether I have applied successfully or not

  13. Hello…I applied for the sachivalayam post for digital assistant grade 6, during payment the money was deducted from the bank on 17-01-2020, payment failed and application is pending and it not even credicted back to the account, whats my application status and if I do another payment when will my money credits to bank??

  14. Iam applied for the sachivalayam post digital assistant grade 4 …photo updated but not updated signature…but payment also completed…now my application rejected or not please explain..now wt i did

  15. I had already complaint about payment issue …24 hours completed. Payment can’t proceed ..and also amount cnat return please solve the issue fastly or refund my money ….fastlyyy

  16. Numbers can’t reach they can’t receive my call….how can the systems worked inthis negligible manner…solve the issue…fastly most of the members faced this issue…

  17. Amount have been deducted from my account and my application status is showing fee not paid…it has been 24hrs am waiting for the issue to be solved. What should i do now?

  18. Yesterday I have appliesld for digital assistant grade-vi money debited from my account but it’s showing fees not paid how this problem can be reduced

  19. I paid fee 25/1/2020 in my account debited . Is not payed to see my application another time payment that time success to procees 2 times money debited one application double pay ment cutting my bank account how to solve this problem my money refund or not


  21. Hello!
    I had tried to pay my fee but it is refused and money had been deducted from my account
    And I also i waited for 24 hrs
    What is the solution for this?

  22. Hi I applied for the ps gr1 post on 30-01-2020 its showing payment not done in status money debited from my account

    Again I applied on 31-01-2020 its success
    When can I expect my money back

    Will it be fefunded

  23. My payment was not successful but money debited from my account I also send my details to your email, Iam applied for the post digital assistant on 26/1/2020 so today is the last date what should I do pls solve my problem as early as possible

  24. I applied today at 12.30 pm and payed two times due to server problem 800 debited in my account,still it is showing not paid ,when can I get my 400 back and when the payment status will change plz help me sir………

  25. I applied today at 12.30 pm and I paid fee two times due to technical problem and 800 deducted in my account.when can I get my extra money back and when the payment status will change,plz let me know sir….

  26. sir i applied for engg assistant in last date of submission of application i paid 200 amount the amount debited from my account but it shows the payment failed again i pay the 200 amount then it is successfull so my doubt is when the amount theat debited from my account for the first time is that amount refunded or not

  27. Respected sir, I have paid amount but it is showing not paid amount please refer this and send me solution immediately

  28. Hii i have applied for the digital assistance post and i paid 400 for the same. But now i have problem so that i am unable attend the exam..can i get my money back…is there any option for that…pls help me.

  29. Hi,
    I am not sure whethe the aadhar number i gave in application is correct or not . I cant see the entire aadhar number in application but only the last 4 diguts.
    If my aadhar number is wrong will the application get auto rejected after last date of submission ??

  30. i do payment for gramasachivalayam but after the completion of money debitted from account but it is not showing PAYMENT SUCCESSFULL.i cant wait whether payment is success or not because tomorrow is the last date for payment also

  31. i have applied for the post category I in grama sachivalayam recruitment post amount also debited from my account but the status will shows fees not paid.
    applied on 30th jan 2020 (i.e 12 days back) amount not refunded back to my account what is the solution? if any one knows tell me?

    • సచివాలయం టీమ్ పేమెంట్ రీఫండ్ ఇవ్వరు, అప్లై చేసే ముందు vacancies ఒకసారి చూచుకోవచ్చుగా.?



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