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Telangana Geography Book: Telangana State Public Service Commission TSPSC conducting various examinations for 2022-23 years from Lower level posts to higher level posts in all department of State; those interested in work in Telangana State can apply for various posts in or before last of certain applications. The complete Telangana Jobs links are given below.

For Telangana Geography Book PDF, All Interested candidates can visit the below link based on the post and submit the application same (If any questions can comment below with valid questions and suggestions for more information).

Telangana History Books PDF

Telangana Geography Book pdf

Those who are preparing for the Telangana State examination can download Telangana Study Materials and free Telangana Books from Team Examdays, there are several books are available with Examdays Team, those who need more free books and free study material, can comment below in comment box with valid book name and author name.. we try to post the book link in this post/page for candidates preparation purpose.

  • The Telangana State Geography book gave a complete overview of the Telangana Geographical structure and basic information on State.
  • The Telangana State Geography book has an overview of information on Telangana State.
  • తెలంగాణ –  అమరిక
  • తెలంగాణ – అమరిక మరియు నిర్మాణం
  • తెలంగాణ – వాతావరణం
  • తెలంగాణ – నేలలు
  • తెలంగాణ – వృక్ష సంపద మరియు అడవులు 
  • తెలంగాణ – వన్యప్రాణులు మరియు పర్యావరణ పర్యాటకం
  • తెలంగాణ – ప్రకృతి వైపరీత్యాలు
  • తెలంగాణ – నదులు
  • తెలంగాణ – వ్యవసాయం
  • తెలంగాణ – పశుసంరక్షణ
  • తెలంగాణ – చేపలు పట్టడం
  • తెలంగాణ – హార్టికల్చర్
  • తెలంగాణ – నీటిపారుదల మరియు జలవిద్యుత్
  • తెలంగాణ – జనాభా
  • తెలంగాణ – వలస
  • తెలంగాణ – షెడ్యూల్ తెగలు
  • తెలంగాణ – ప్రధాన నగరాలు మరియు పర్యాటక ప్రదేశాలు
  • తెలంగాణ – రవాణా
  • తెలంగాణ – శక్తి వనరు
  • తెలంగాణ – పారిశ్రామిక అభివృద్ధి
  • తెలంగాణ – ఖనిజాలు

Telangana History Books in English 2022 PDF Download


  • Deccan Plates were given in detailed information.
  • Telangana Area and Rural information were listed in the book for easy understanding for candidates.
  • New and old Telangana Districts information were listed carefully with detailed information, candidates have to refer the district wise information
  • Telangana Rivers information has given in pointwise.
  • Spotted with Telangana Location in Geography including coal mines and Ghats information.
  • Important points covered on Telangana Climate with meaningful figures/Images.
  • Added Telangana Culture and Identity of festivals. (Climates and Ecology will be added).
  • Geography India is added based on Telangana State points information.
  • Indian Agriculture in Geographical information added.
  • Political View Agriculture in Geographical information added.
  • Indian Agriculture facts and original information were added.
  • Major Food Productions in Telangana State including all over the state of India are added.

Telangana Geography Book in PDF Telugu Document 

Telangana History Books PDF

Telangana Geography Book in English Medium PDF



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