1. still link is not opening
    if you are unable to slove this problem please let me know
    so many students are still not wait for this is application

  2. in apcos registration is done,already working candidates or including fresh candidates.the registration time where in bank account details column without the ESI AND PF numbers not enter not SAVE .the fresh candidates are not have ESI,PF numbers.how can solve this problem

  3. this is anil from guntur, apcos notification date is 22.11.19, online link date is mentioned 23.11.2019 & registration date mentioned as 15.12.2019 – but the new registration is not allowed why? how? if there is any time for registration.

  4. one website completely working only, notification should release, once tried to update in this showing new candidate registration is not available. please correct this website or change notification dates.

  5. It is very unfortunate to close the link with in the short span..Aspirants got disturbed over the situation of registration link closed.. Don’t sprinkle water on the aspirants aspirations.. Please get the pulse of the people otherwise it will sent wrong signal to public and opposition again to make it a chance to spread rumors over the government please acess the registration link as early as possible sir..

  6. Eeroju vijayawada APCOS office vellatam jarigendi apcos vallu ecchina employment notification eppaudu work chestunna outsource walla kosamey anta…. officially link remove chesamu antunnaru. Malli January lo open chestamu antunnau frnds hope peyttukovaddu inka time waste chesukovaddu

  7. Candidate registration open avvadam ledu madam. 15 varaku date vundi kada registration ki time.asalu open avutundi candidate registration????

  8. still Link is not open but last date is 15th Dec’19. pls resolve the issue with ASAP or extend the date as well dont play the games with un employees.

  9. Still we r waiting for the link opening time night time also but it’s not opening.. we have only 9 days to close registration.. i am getting tension about this. .. is the link open r not please answer to me.. this is the good plot form to all the educates.. so please don’t cheat us. All are waiting for this chance. Please open the link immediately…

  10. Hi madam….apcos link is not available …when you open that link madam please give me reply madam….your website link is available after 5.01.2020 …but not available madam please give me information madam

    • Hi Venkatesh,

      APCOS official has given link available after 5th but it not sure, it may available on 6th ASAP. it may take time. We will inform you further update.

      Keerthana, Author.
      Examdays TSAP.

  11. For your website traffic you pre planed this pre expected information.. It’s good for your website traffic but it’s seems to fool the unemployment people who are eagerly waiting for these jobs.. No links at placed in APCOS just they asked to district collectors in submission of old employees data by 5-1-2020 who are currently working in outsourcing jobs

  12. i applied for apcos with inter basis i have my degree certificate now should i apply for it again or just update my application. when are the interviews for it plzzz update the dates so many are waiting for it….

  13. Link remove chesi chala rojulu gadichayi kani Inka apply chesukune varu chala mandi unnaru ippudu Meeremo Meeks message vastundi interview ki pilustaru ante link close cheyatam valana pettukoni capri paristiti amiti anduloni aged persons chalanandi unnaru okka sari think cheyandi sir.

  14. I am completed my blisc master library science diploma course and ITI computers computer operator And program assistance and hard ware net working engineer i am experience 10 years

  15. i applied december month but still no msgs from apcos and that link is not opening and i dnt get any call or msg 2mnths nundi wait chestuna shortlist testruamo ani what happenig pls tell something
    from T Padmavathi.

  16. respected sir
    i am registration completed before 25th November but didn’t get any sms or email so pls reply sir

  17. Sir age limit for govt jobs is 42 years but
    Apcos registration is given 40 years this will be a greater loss for all. Plz this has to be changed.

  18. Apcos registration open కావడంలేదు. ఎండింగ్ టైం దగ్గర కు వస్తోంది, కానీ అదెప్పుడో కూడా తెలియచేయలేదు. పేరుకు లింకోపెన్ చేశామని, చివరిగా టైం అయిపోయే సమయానికి చివరి క్షణం లొ ఓపెన్చేస్తే , ఈ లోపల నిరుద్యోగులు ఉన్నపని వదులుకుని దీన్నే కొట్టుకుంటూ కూర్చోవాలి. అంతేగా !ఏం ప్రభుత్వం గురువుగారు. చేసేది సరిగా చేయరు చేసేవాళ్లను చేయనివ్వరు, అయ్యే పనులు అవ్వనివ్వరు. అన్ని సగంసగం పనులు. అరమంగళి పనులు.

    • మేము APCOS లింక్ క్రియాశీల సమాచారాన్ని తెలియచేస్తాము, దయచేసి కొంత సమయం వరకు వేచి ఉండండి.

    • Hi శ్రీను

      APCOS నూతన రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ ప్రక్రియ ఇంకా మొదలవలేదు, దీని కోసం మరింత సమయం పట్టే అవకాశాలు ఉన్నాయి. కొన్ని రోజులు ఎదురు చూడక తప్పదు, మిగతా సమాచారమ ఇదే పేజీలో update చేస్తాము.


  19. Dear sir ,
    I completed mtech 2015,I have 5 years experience in electrical maintenance engineer in Bangalore, I have 33kv Electrical Licence also, Iam looking for job in apcos as electrical maintenance, from this lockdown I left my job, present iam looking for job ,I’m not registered in apcos before I awaiting for register link,when apcos registration will start plz inform me as soon as possible.

  20. Sir I registered in November 2019 and I also uploaded all my documents at that time. And I seached in my dash board in apcos website till feb it was shown in my dashboard after that the website is not working. I forgot which mail id I gave in that. I heard that some of them received call letter who applied in November but I didn’t get any mail of message from them..

    • Hi Sudhakar reddy,

      The list is available at recruitment team, all call letters are provided in offline mode by officials, I think you’re missed it.

      Those who are joined, they are received salaries too, you’re late.

  21. Sir I am rigistered in November 2019 but I didn’t get any mail or sms.
    Already registered candidates anyone get job or not

  22. I am already registered in November 2019 but I didn’t get any mail or sms. Already registered candidates anyone get job or not

  23. Sir Why B-tech Technical is not mentioned in Category 1 ? Is there any other category for Graduation Technical Ppl who did B-tech ??

  24. e month open avuthunda , next month open chastara antha time paduthundi answerr pllsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  25. Madam Garu Apcos link apudu open avuthundo chapandi plsssssssss waiting for link naku chala need madammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  26. madam garu march vachindi e month ayina link open avuthunda plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


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