Word Building SSC CHSL CGL and Bank Exams


Word Building is a process of arrangement of letters into a meaningful word and also finding a meaningful word which is related to word to word is called word building. Any candidate has to trigger the exact or related match word. The below examples will explain, how it builds the exact or related words to words, follow the examples.

Example: Building words by using English News – The Hindu Editorials.

Word Building

  • Adopting – Taking something or Own anything in a legal way
  • Alliance –  Team or A Union or A Mutual Understand
  • Backed – Financial support or Moral Support
  • Resolution – Providing response or a final decision
  • Survival – The state or fact of continuing to live
  • Despite – Without being affected by or not to harm
  • Marxist – A Support to People and Humanity or Accept Law but not Illegal activities
  • Foe – Enemy or Opponent
  • Pushed  – Moved to forward or Encouraging
  • Contender – A person or group competing with others to achieve something.
  • Ideological – Based on or relating to a system of ideas and ideals
  • Tactics – Preplanned Strategy.
  • Contender – Person or Group Competing
  • Fared –  Particular period or time
  • Diverse – Great Deals
  • Overwhelming – Great in AMount
  • Impact – Action
  • Constrained – Force Someone
  • Engaging – Charming and Attractive

The above, meaningful terms given based on the word (word meanings).  this is just an example of word building. Use other editorial sections and make it meaningful word-word building and see your word building skills and strength.

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