English One Word Substitution SSC CHSL CGL Bank Exams


English is the major concept in SSC CHSL CGL, PSU, and Bank exams to test candidate communication verbal and non-verbal skills and verbal analytic skills where a candidate can apply these English verbal and non-verbal skills in a work environment after getting a job.

What is English One Word Substitution:

It is a process to execute exact matching word to given word or define the definition of word or match appropriate or related meaning terms.

for examples:

english one word substitution

  •  examdays –  Testing the student knowledge levels of particular subjects
  •  Attitude – Express the candidate mental and physical appearance
  • Model– a person who shows or act or perform
  • Doctor – A Person who can treat the patient or treatment, needy person
  • Autocracy – government by one person
  • Hackers–  Who can steal the information from another source with unauthorizedly
  • Mother – Who cares for family and took complete responsibility
  • Arsenal – a place for ammunition and weapons
  • Archives – a place where government or public records are kept.


  1. A paper/story/poem first written out by hand
    A.Handicraft      B. Manuscript
    C.Handiwork      D. Thesis

Answer: B

2. The branch of biology concerned with cyclical physiological phenomena

A. Chronobiology   B.Radiology.

C. Terminology       4. Anesthesia

Answer: A

3. Certain to happen

A. evitable     B. Inevitable

C. Inevitable     D. Inevitable’s

Answer: C

4. An emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat.?

A. Anorexia    B. Bibliophobia

C. Centrophobia   D. Chronophobia

Answer: A

english one word substitution test

5. One who makes an official examination of accounts

A. Auditor   B. Amateur

C.Agnostic D. Apostate

Answer: A

6. causing death

A. Immoral    B. Fatal

C. Indefatigable   D. Heretic

Answer: A

7. a person, who is indifferent to pleasure and pain and has control over his passions.?

A.Regicide     B.  Parole

C. Stoic   D.  Sanatorium

Answer: A

8.  A job with high salary but little responsibility.

A. Sinecure   B. insecure

C. Better cure     D. Stoic

Answer: A

9.A job carrying no salary
A.Honorary       B. Memento
C.Honorarium   D. Memorandum
Ans:   A

10. Dubai has __ building in the world.

  • bigger
  • the tallest
  • the tallest
  • tall

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