Solving Tricks for Comprehensive Passage SSC CHSL and Bank Exams


Comprehensive Passage test the candidate reading skills and special English words identifying skills, any candidate can able to identify the meaningful word from asked questions in the main examination. The reading capability acquired by practicing the number of comprehensive passage questions.

Solving Tricks:

  • Analyse positive and negative details in passage
  • Know the meaning of words (Expand vocabulary)
  • Clean Observe the passage and get conclude entire passage
  • Try to name the passage in your observation
  • Try to convert the passage into questions and answers
  • Write important points on a piece of paper, it helps more improvement on passage.


Essay Writing, Precise Writing, Paragraph Writing, Letter Writing and Reading Comprehension, all this involves the ability to comprehend and follow the above tips for quick review.

How to Approach

  • Attempt the vocabulary questions first – it helps to know the strategies of vocabulary.
  • Analyse the questions while reading questions and understand the meaning of the question.
  • Make reading as a habit, it helps to understand for any passage or article.
  • Better read Newspapers articles and make a conclusion of each article.


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