Reasoning Analogy

reasoning analogy

Reasoning Analogy

Reasoning Analogy: Every examination, there are 2 to 3 questions asked from reasoning analogy concept. Well, we discuss on analogy concept and which type of questions are asked in the examination. Candidates mark analogy concept in the important and priority concepts to cover for all Banking, SSC, Railway, IBPS, State PSU, and other important examinations.

The analogy is a part of the Verbal Reasoning concept, candidates can expect easily from 2 to 3 marks in the examination. Meaning of Analogy means Correspondence and it clearly specifies the relation between the one another.

Reasoning Analogy

Name of the Main SubjectVerbal Reasoning
Name of the ConceptAnalogy
How many marks expect in Exam2 – 3 Marks
Important forBanking, SSC, Railway, IBPS, State PSU, and other important examinations.
Type of QuestionsObjective


Type of Question#1: Find a pair that is similar to the given pair of numbers: 100:50
(a) 56:26
(b) 6:2
(c) 25:10
(d) 30:15
Answer: Analogy relationship is 2x:x= 2x First Number x Second Number
So, the correct answer is option D
Type of Question#2ABCD: PQRS::WXYZ:?
(a) EFGH
(b) KLMN
(c) QJSP
(d) TSUV
Answer: Analogy relationship is based on English alphabetical order (26 A to Z). Take the exact sequence number from A to Z levels.
In the question: A is continue by B is continue by C continue by D, likewise PQRS, and WXYZ.
the correct answer is KLMN.
Practice Question#1:
warmis tohot
oldis to?
1. Oldest
2. History
3. Years
4. Antique
The answer is:  Antique
Explanation: Superlative degree of warm is hot, the superlative of old is antique

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