Physics Formulas List for Competitive Exams Class 10 11 12 PDF

physics formulas

A formula is a collection of mathematical symbols that express a relationship or are used to solve a problem or do something. A set of symbols expressing a mathematical rule or formula. For example, the formula of the area of ​​a rectangle is a = lw, where a is the area of the rectangle, l is the length of the rectangle, and w is the width of the rectangle.

Learning physics is about applying concepts & their derivatives to solve problems. Physics questions are always challenging for students and challenge your skills and knowledge of physics.

Physics Formulas

Physics is not about articulating things with actual values ​​and memorizing them repeatedly. We will encounter many concepts, problems, and mathematical formulas during the application. With these, we have to use creativity and good ability along with our ability to find solutions to the mentioned problems.

Students’ main tasks while solving physics questions are looking at what is given and asked numerically in the problem, applying the correct physical formula or equation, filling in values ​​, and calculating correctly.

Physics is the essential primary subject of all sciences and seems significantly harder to master. Students can use the list of physics formulas available to solve fundamental physics problems very easily & quickly.

Physics Formulas List

Here we provided some basic physics formulas:-

Physics FormulasConceptFormula
Average Speed FormulaIt is used to calculate the average speed (S) of the moving body for the distance covered (D) as well as the time interval (T).S = d/t
Acceleration FormulaAcceleration equals to rate of change of velocity per change of time. It is denoted by the symbol a.a =(v-u)/t
Density Formula This formula describes the concentration of a substance in a particular specific area.P=m/V
Power FormulaThe ability to perform an activity is called energy. On the other hand, the energy expended in doing an activity (work) in a certain period of time is called energy.P=W/t
Newton’s Second LawUsing the formula, the force is expressed as the product of the body’s mass and acceleration.F = ma
Weight FormulaThe principle measures the force with which an object falls due to gravity.W=mg
Pressure FormulaStress is the force applied to an object’s unit area.P=F/A
Ohm’s Law FormulaOhm’s law says that the current flowing along a conductor substance is directly proportional to the potential difference between the two endpoints of that substance.V= I × R
Kinetic Energy FormulaKinetic energy is the energy possessed by a body due to its state of motion.E = 1/2 mv²
Frequency FormulaFrequency refers to the number of complete revolutions or cycles of a wave per second.F =v/λ
Pendulum FormulaThis equation calculates how long it takes the pendulum to swing back and forth in seconds.T = 2π√Lg
Fahrenheit FormulaThis is the conversion formula for temperature.F = (9/5× °C) + 32
Work FormulaThe principle of work measures the product of the magnitude of the component of displacement d and force.W = F × d × cosθ
Torque FormulaTorque is the rotational force or turning effect. It measures sizeT = F × r × sinθ
Displacement FormulaThe object position refers to its change from its initial position to its final position.D = Xf–Xi = ΔX
Mass FormulaThis formula represents the relationship between energy and mass. Here, F = force, m = mass, and a = acceleration.F = ma or m = F/m

Physics Formulas PDF

This is a list of some essential physics principles used mainly by students of all classes to solve physics problems. Each branch of physical theory is associated with countless principles. Physics becomes easier for you if you understand the underlying idea behind the formulas.

What are the tips for learning physics formulas?

The following are tips for quickly learning many physics principles:

  • Practice concentration
  • Relax your brain
  • Practice as much as you can
  • Reduce your reference checks
  • Understand the basic concept of the Sutra
  • Avoid all distractions
  • Learn the derivation of each formula
  • Use memorization tricks

How do I learn scientific principles?

One of the best ways to understand and learn physical principles is to practice & memorize the derivation of a formula. Solve example sums with formulas and read formulas easily in a day. Use Memory Palace and write all the formulas understandably and remember them easily.


In science, a formula is a short form that symbolically expresses information, such as a mathematical and chemical formula. The everyday use of the word “formula” in science determines the standard construction of a relationship between given quantities.

Here are some examples of basic physics formulas:

  • Velocity formula : v=u+at
  • Power formula: P=W/t
  • Third equation of motion: v^2-u^2=2as
  • Force formula: F=ma
  • Pressure formula : P=force/area

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