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java vs javascript

Java vs JavaScript: Those who are looking for the Java and Javascript differences along with capable platforms. These differences are very important in order to prepare for the exams and job interview purposes. Candidates can check the detailed information for Java and Java Script.

For Java vs JavaScript, check the “What is Java” and “JavaScript”, and other important details;

Java vs JavaScript

What is Java?

An object-oriented, network-centric, and multi-platform compatible programming language, Java is used as a computing platform and was designed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. Later it was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Java can run on virtual machines. Here, the code should be compiled for Java.

What is JavaScript?

 JavaScript is a scripting language used to create object-based and interactive web pages. This language follows all the rules of client-side programming, so it works in a web browser without requiring any intervention or resources from the web server. Developed by Netscape Inc, the code for JavaScript is entirely text.

Java vs JavaScript Difference

                  Java                      JavaScript
It is OOP or Object-Oriented Programming Language.It is an object-oriented scripting language.
An independent language.Not alone, but included in the HTML program for operation.
A strongly typed language is used, and the data type of each variable is defined before it is declared or used.The language used is loosely typed so that the user does not have to worry about the data type before the declaration.
The code must be compiled.The code is all text.
A bit more complicated.Easy in comparison.
Used to perform complex tasks.Complex tasks cannot be executed.
Requires a large amount of memory.Low memory usage.
Programs are saved with the “.java” extension.Programs are saved with a JavaScript, “.js” extension.
“Byte” code is stored on/under the client host machine.Stored as “source” code on the host or client machine
Compiled on the server before executing on the client side.JavaScript is interpreted on the client side.
Code that is static and written once can run on any computing platform.It is a dynamic and cross-platform language.
Java applications can run on any virtual machine  or browser.JavaScript code must run only in the browser, but now it runs on the server through Node.js.

java vs javascript which is better

Why is that programming language called “JavaScript” based on the Java programming language name when the 2 are nothing alike?

It was a marketing decision to take advantage of Java’s popularity. Netscape suits decided it would be great to present javascript as Java’s sidekick, so they made a deal with Sun Microsystems to use this name. Initially, its name was LiveScript, but LiveScript changed it to javascript.

Which is a more difficult programming language to learn, Java or JavaScript? 

Both are very simple languages to learn for a beginner programmer. Both languages have a couple of stupid design choices, but they don’t cause too much trouble. I would say that JavaScript is easier for a beginner programmer as you don’t need any tooling to get started, just a text editor and a web browser, and you’re off. With Java, you’ll need an IDE, and it comes with quite an ecosystem in one fell swoop. If you already know a C-style programming language, Java will be easier as it will be more similar to what you are used to.

java vs javascript future

Java helps programmers in server-side development, while JavaScript is primarily used to develop client-side scripts. Java allows programmers to make their applications more secure and robust, while JavaScript helps them make web pages interactive.

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