English Test Online Quiz #5 Attempt for Competitive Exams

english test online

English Test Online

Those who are preparing for the online English examination (test-based) for various competitive examinations, they can attempt and practice the English test online.

Spot the Error

Q1.He also lauded /Prime Minister for integrating /Jammu and Kashmir with /India by abrogating Article 370.

  1. He also lauded
  2. Prime Minister for integrating
  3. Jammu and Kashmir with
  4. India by abrogating Article 370.

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The Prime Minister for integrating


Q2. They demanded that /the responsibility for the /tragedy be fixed /and /guilty be punished.

  1. They demanded that
  2. the responsibility for the
  3. tragedy be fixed
  4. and
  5. guilty be punished.

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The guilty be punished.


Q3. The Nobel week will /include an award in /chemistry to be /announced Wednesday /two literature laureates

  1. The Nobel week
  2. include an award in
  3. chemistry to be
  4. announced Wednesday
  5. two literature laureates

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The Nobel week will


Q4.  NDRF team has been/ deployed but the /search have been affected by/ the high level of water of/ the Kopili river.

  1. NDRF team has been
  2. deployed but the
  3. search have been affected by
  4. the high level of water of
  5. the Kopili river.

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  1. search has been affected by


Q5. The post-mortem /report says that the /cause of death could/ not be ascertained/No Error.

  1. The post-mortem
  2. report says that the
  3. cause of death could
  4. not be ascertained
  5. No Error

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No Error


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