English Daily Dose: E Tea #3 – How to Use A An The

english daily dose

English is an evolving language perfection is an endless process. While practice takes time & effort, a daily dose makes the process effortless and amusing.

How to use three words An An The in every English sentence:

Any English paragraph should start with any one of (A An The) term, and we cannot expect a paragraph without it.

For example#1: A Man walking on the road (Singular)

Example#2: A person watching Television (Singular form used)

Example#3: A group of players ready to play in the ground (Action form and Not singular or not plural form).

Above all examples are used

use a/an with singular nouns:

I have a bothere 

That was an excellent meal.

Use of Singular words, likewise below sentences are given

The tiger in zoo

The big tree

The Bus

The University

Use of THE:

The can be Used when Place or Thing or Person:

I think the former should sell rice at fixed rate and the Poor can buy it.


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