Master your ‘Vocab’ vocabulary words


Do you know what is restricting us from learning new words? Well, the answer is very simple. Our word stock is limited as we stick to the same regular and mundane words. We need to substitute the same somber words with some rococo(fancy) vocabulary words.

We’ve jotted down some streaming words that have to be there in your dictionary. So, let’s take the edge and make the best out of it.

Vocabulary words

Somber words                             Fancy words

Irritating                                                     Exasperating

Show off                                                    Crows off

Confidence                                                Aplomb

Beautiful                                                    Alluring 

Sweet Scent                                              Aroma

Empty                                                         Void

Cynic                                                           Sceptic

Obviously                                                   Apparently

End                                                              Cease

Confusing                                                   Farrago

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Hope this help! Keep learning! 🙂

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