Mark Zuckerberg Meta Mass Layoffs Official Update


Facebook founder and Meta creator Mark Zuckerberg has shared a full message letter to his employees yesterday in order to fire some of the employees from his well-known Meta to minimize the human resources behind upcoming crises in 2023.

Mark Zuckerberg has counted more than 11,000 employees in a single sheet and messaged with the last date for their services to Mera. The layoff is across the globe, even though India is also affected by this action from Mark.

He praised “employee services” to Facebook and Meta and in addition, he added 16 weeks’ salary payout.

  • Severance. We will pay 16 weeks of base pay plus two additional weeks for every year of service, with no cap.
  • PTO. We’ll pay for all remaining PTO time.
  • RSU vesting. Everyone impacted will receive their November 15, 2022 vesting.
  • Health insurance. We’ll cover the cost of healthcare for people and their families for six months.
  • Career Services. We’ll provide three months of career support with an external vendor, including early access to unpublished job leads.
  • Immigration support. I know this is especially difficult if you’re here on a visa. There’s a notice period before termination and some visa grace periods, which means everyone will have time to make plans and work through their immigration status.

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More than 11,000 employees are loose the jobs in the Meta and it is a very high level red signal for the next year 2023 recession.

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