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green zone relaxation

Lockdown Relaxation India: Indian Government has approved few relaxations statewide, which is based on the COVID19 cases report. Those states that have control of the COVID19 virus, will get some relaxations from the Central Government. The relaxation will depend upon the Red, Green, Orange relaxations.

Follow Lockdown Relaxation India and for the below State-wise relaxations guidelines and check the state-wise detailed information. These are the information for the Lockdown Relaxation India has issued and provided for the Indian people who are looking for relaxation from Lockdown. The details are available as per the zone wise. Check zone-wise detailed information.

lockdown relaxation India

In India, the lockdown is officially confirmed that it will extend till 17th May 2020 (lockdown 3.0). Many State Chief Ministers requested for the extension under the COIVD19 spreading continuously (many states are in hunt of “How virus is spreading via contact to contact”), if it is successful then the many states will take action over the virus spreaders.

Green zone relaxation

  • All activities allowed except those are prohibited
  • Buses can operate with 50% passenges/seat capavity
  • Bus depot are allowed for 50% usage.

Orange zone relaxation

  • Taxi/cab allowed (no sharing allowed)
  • Individual vehicles allowed (one person 1 driver, 2 passengers)

Red zone relaxation

Highest case-load districts contributing to over 80 percent of cases in India, or

  • 80% of cases states comes under the Red Zone
  • Districts with a doubling rate at less than four days.
  • Rikshaw/Auto/Cab allowed (Sharing is not allowed).
  • Clear entry and clear exist available.
  • A person should come out for the regular supply/groceries/ medical emergency only.
  • No unchecked for the influx of people and transport
  • Buses allowed based emergency (few buses only)
  • Barbershops, Spa, Salons.

Download Official Note from MHA Ministry

Andhra Pradesh


District NameZone Status
AnantapurOrange Zone
ChittoorRed Zone
East GodavariOrange Zone
GunturRed Zone
KrishnaRed Zone
KurnoolRed Zone
PrakasamOrange Zone
Spsr NelloreRed Zone
SrikakulamOrange Zone
VisakhapatanamOrange Zone
VizianagaramGreen Zone
West GodavariOrange Zone
Y.S.R.Orange Zone


Telangana State


District NameZone Status
AdilabadOrange Zone
BhadradriKothagudemGreen Zone
HyderabadRed Zone
JagitialOrange Zone
JangoanOrange Zone
JayashankarBhupalapallyOrange Zone
Jogulamba GadwalOrange Zone
KamareddyOrange Zone
KarimnagarOrange Zone
KhammamOrange Zone
KumuramBheemAsifabadOrange Zone
MahabubabadGreen Zone
MahabubnagarOrange Zone
MancherialOrange Zone
MedakOrange Zone




District NameZone Status
AhmednagarOrange Zone
AkolaRed Zone
AmravatiOrange Zone
AurangabadRed Zone
BeedOrange Zone
BhandaraOrange Zone
BuldhanaOrange Zone
ChandrapurOrange Zone
DhuleRed Zone
GadchiroliGreen Zone
GondiaGreen Zone
HingoliOrange Zone
JalgaonRed Zone
JalnaOrange Zone
KolhapurOrange Zone
LaturOrange Zone
MumbaiRed Zone
Mumbai SuburbanRed Zone
NagpurRed Zone
NandedOrange Zone
NandurbarOrange Zone
NashikRed Zone
OsmanabadGreen Zone
PalgharRed Zone
ParbhaniOrange Zone
PuneRed Zone
RaigadOrange Zone
RatnagiriOrange Zone
SangliOrange Zone
Sata raRed Zone
SindhudurgGreen Zone
SolapurRed Zone
ThaneRed Zone
WardhaGreen Zone
WashimGreen Zone
YavatmalRed Zone


Uttar Pradesh


District Zone Status
VaranasiRed Zone
UnnaoOrange Zone
SultanpurOrange Zone
SonbhadraGreen Zone
SitapurOrange Zone
Siddharth NagarGreen Zone
ShravastiOrange Zone
ShamliOrange Zone
ShahjahanpurGreen Zone
Sant Kabeer NagarRed Zone
SambhalOrange Zone
SaharanpurRed Zone
RampurRed Zone
Rae BareliRed Zone
PrayagrajOrange Zone
Prata pgarhOrange Zone
PilibhitOrange Zone
MuzaffarnagarRed Zone
MoradabadRed Zone
MirzapurOrange Zone
MeerutRed Zone
MauOrange Zone
MathuraRed Zone
MainpuriOrange Zone
MahobaGreen Zone
MaharajganjGreen Zone
LucknowRed Zone
LalitpurGreen Zone
Kushi NagarGreen Zone
KheriGreen Zone
KaushambiOrange Zone
KasganjOrange Zone
Kanpur NagarRed Zone
Kanpur DehatGreen Zone
KannaujOrange Zone
JhansiOrange Zone
JaunpurOrange Zone
JalaunOrange Zone
Hath rasGreen Zone
HardoiOrange Zone
HamirpurGreen Zone
Ha purOrange Zone
GorakhpurOrange Zone
GondaOrange Zone
GhazipurOrange Zone
GhaziabadOrange Zone
Gautam Buddha NagarRed Zone
FirozabadRed Zone
FatehpurGreen Zone
Fa rrukhabadGreen Zone
EtawahOrange Zone
EtahOrange Zone
DeoriaGreen Zone
ChitrakootGreen Zone
ChandauliGreen Zone
BulandshahrRed Zone
BudaunOrange Zone
BiinorRed Zone
BhadohiOrange Zone
BastiOrange Zone
BareillyRed Zone
BarabankiGreen Zone
BandaOrange Zone
BalrampurOrange Zone
BalliaGreen Zone
BahraichOrange Zone
BaghpatOrange Zone
AzamgarhOrange Zone
AyodhyaOrange Zone
AuraiyaOrange Zone
AmrohaRed Zone
AmethiGreen Zone
Ambedkar NagarGreen Zone
AligarhRed Zone
AgraRed Zone




District NameZone Status
KhagariaGreen Zone
KishanganjGreen Zone
La khisa raiOrange Zone
MadhepuraOrange Zone
MadhubaniOrange Zone
MungerRed Zone
MuzaffarpurGreen Zone
NalandaOrange Zone
NawadaOrange Zone
PashchimChampranGreen Zone
PatnaRed Zone
PurbiChamparanOrange Zone
PurniaOrange Zone
RohtasRed Zone
Sa ha rsaGreen Zone
SamastipurGreen Zone
SaranOrange Zone
SheikhpuraGreen Zone
SheoharGreen Zone
SitamarhiGreen Zone
SiwanOrange Zone
SupaulGreen Zone
VaishaliOrange Zone
ArariaGreen Zone
ArwalOrange Zone
AurangabadOrange Zone
BankaOrange Zone
BegusaraiOrange Zone
BhagalpurOrange Zone
BhojpurOrange Zone
BuxarRed Zone
DarbhangaOrange Zone
GayaRed Zone
GopalganjOrange Zone
JamuiGreen Zone
JehanabadOrange Zone
Kaimur (Bhabua)Orange Zone
KatiharGreen Zone


West bengal


24 Paraganas NorthRed Zone
24 Paraganas SouthRed Zone
BankuraGreen Zone
BirbhumGreen Zone
CoochbeharGreen Zone
DarjeelingRed Zone
Dinajpur DakshinGreen Zone
Dinajpur UttarGreen Zone
HooghlyOrange Zone
HowrahRed Zone
JalpaiguriRed Zone
JhargramGreen Zone
KolkataRed Zone
MaldahRed Zone
Medinipur EastRed Zone
Medinipur WestRed Zone
MurshidabadOrange Zone
Paschim BardhamanOrange Zone
PurbaBardhamanOrange Zone
PuruliaGreen Zone


Source Information: mohfw.gov.in

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