English Test Online Quiz #9 Attempt for Competitive Exams

english test online

English Test Online

Those who are preparing for the online English examination (test-based) for various competitive examinations, they can attempt and practice the English test online.

Q1. If you are thirsty, you can drink buttermilk. This is;

  1. a simple sentence
  2. a compound sentence
  3. a complex sentence
  4. an interrogative sentence

a complex sentence

Q2. You must take care of your parents. This sentence indicates;

  1. obligation
  2. suggestion
  3. command
  4. request


Q3. Choose the word with wrong spelling

  1. commemorate
  2. epilipsy
  3. virulent
  4. museum<


Q4. Choose the list of words in the correct alphabetical order

  1. command, commander, commanding, commandant
  2. commander, command, commandant, commanding
  3. commander, commandant, commanding, command
  4. command, commandant, commander, commanding<

command, commandant, commander, commanding<

Q5. They’ll never believe us. Choose the correct question tag of this sentence.

  1. will they ?
  2. don’t they ?
  3. won’t they ?
  4. aren’t they ?

will they ?


Read the passage and choose the correct answer to the question given after.

Nicholas learnt to make strong kites modeled on the Japanese kites, Rokkaku that could endure harsh winds. A novice in his chosen field, set out to train himself.

The purpose of Nicholas to make strong kites on the model of “Rokkaku” was :

  1. to train himself how to fly kites
  2. to withstand harsh winds
  3. to create history in the field of kite flying
  4. to take them to Japan.

to withstand harsh winds

Q7. What ______ yesterday?. Choose the correct verb and subject that fit the blank.

  1. did you did
  2. will you do
  3. do you do
  4. did you do

did you do


“You will pick Oakum tomorrow morning,” said the gentleman

Choose the correct reported speech of the sentence.

  1. The gentleman said that he would pick Oakum the next day morning.
  2. The gentleman told that he will pick Oakum the next day morning.
  3. The gentleman said that he would pick Oakum tomorrow morning.
  4. The gentleman asked that he would pick Oakum tomorrow morning.

The gentleman said that he would pick Oakum the next day morning.

Q9. He groaned in despair. Choose the antonym of the word “despair”.

  1. misery
  2. gloom
  3. sorrow
  4. hope



I ______ this letter at once.

Choose the correct form of the verb that fits the blank.

  1. will post
  2. will be posting
  3. will have posted
  4. posted

will post

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