Reasoning Quiz Test for SBI PO RRB IBPS PO SO Clerks


1 FU, KP, PK, ?

Answer: UF 

2 If B × Q means B is the daughter of Q; B + Q means B is the father of Q; B ÷ Q means B is the mother of Q and B – Q means B is the brother of Q, then in the expression A ÷ B + C – E × F, how is A related to F?

Answer: Mother in Law

3 If ‘P + Q’ means ‘P is the father of Q’, ‘P × Q’ means ‘P is the brother of Q’; ‘P –Q’ means ‘P is the mother of Q’, then which of the following is definitely true about C – A + B?

Answer: B is the father of A  

4 Rohit passed his BA degree in 2nd class with 58% marks and +2 class in first class with 69% marks. He did his diploma in computer science. His age will be 34 in Nov. 2020.?

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Answer: If the candidate won’t be selected 

5 Abhay is a B.A. passed his BA in 1st class with 63% marks. He had passed his class 12 exams scoring 75%. He had studied an additional subject of computer science in his B.A.. His date of birth is 23.9.1992.?

Answer:  If case is to be referred to Department Head

6 Renu has completed her post-graduation with 66% marks. She got 53% marks in the written test. She worked in TCS for 6 years after her post graduation. She was born on 08.08.1981.?

Answer: if the case will be referred to HOD

7 DNN, FPP, HRR, _____, LVV. Fill in the blank .?

Answer: GRR

8 Find the next number in the sequence: 30, 45, 90, 225, 675 .?

Answer: 2362.5

9 Find the next number in the sequence: 190, 94, 46, 22, 10, 4.?

Answer: 1

10 Statements: All pens are bags. All bags are grounds. No grounds is a spoons. All spoons are books. Conclusions: I. Some grounds are pens. II. Some books are bags. III. No spoons is a pens. IV. No bag is a book.

Answer:  Only I, III and either II or IV follow


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