English Quiz Test for SBI PO SSC CGL RRB IBPS and PSU Exams


1 In each of the following sentences, choose the word opposite in meaning to the italicised word to fill in the blanks. Wood is opaque but glass is….?

Answer: transparent

2 ISI marked goods are always pure and never……………..?

Answer: adulterated

3 In these days of rising prices, you must be economical in your habits, don’t be so…?

Answer: extravagant

4 Opposite meaning of …..AUTONOMY.

CM_examdays.com_Education_RSPV_WC1 -----------------------------------

Answer: Dependence

5 As the consequences of climate change become more __________, increasing numbers of people have come to __________ that the longer we hesitate, the more expensive the problem becomes.?

Answer: visible, recognize

6 Is academic freedom affordable in a time of economic crisis? There remains a nagging sense that universities are __________ now that ordinary people are __________ to make ends meet.?

Answer: luxuries, struggling

7 Find out error in the question.?

Answer: there was still little water

8 (P) Th effectiveness of a film (Q) the needs of the audience (R ) is judged by (S)and its relation to (T) its theme

Answer: PRTSQ

9 One who is an expert in judging art, music, etc

Answer: connoisseur

10 Women’s boxing is yet to be recognized as an Olympic support,—-. If that happens the dream of most of the tough girls may come true. (A) The International Boxing Association has been campaigning to include it as an event in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (B) Though boxing is a very tough sport many women are seen willing to take up professional boxing nowadays. (c) Even some state governments are now willing to employ the women pugilists.

Answer: Only A


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