1. Sir after the completion of payment i forgot that payment receipt in netshop…after sometime i didnt find it sir….how can i know my application id

  2. I have done a mistake while filling application. I entered my community as Bc but im Oc. How to modify it or can i apply again a new aplication for same posts.

  3. I uploaded my signature with blue pen actually they have given instruction to be signed in black pen only.is it necessary to change the sign

  4. hi this is bhavani
    evrything was done for appliction after did my transaction i didnt get any conformation mail or msg but i have trasaction details and one more doubt in notification they are showing application fee is 400 for oc but while i am doing the payment it was showing like 700 rupees.
    can any one please help out on this issue
    thanks in advance

  5. I did a mistake in ssc details actually I had passed in the year and month March 2013 but I did may 2013.how can I change my ssc details?

  6. I applied application for vro 200rupees of amount debit in my account but payment status still showing not paid please do needful support to us

  7. from 4th to 10th i studies in telangana….but my native is AP only….what should i selec when they ask about G.O. 171&172?either yes or no?

  8. my native is AP but i studies 7-10 in telangana….it is showing that i’ non-local to all areas….what should i select when they are asking abou 171&172 G.O….yes or no?

    • Have you checked Aadhar Card DOB and Given DOB must match. If different use another ID card in place of Aadhar Card, then apply OR edit the Aadhar DOB at near Aadhar Center / Meeseva Center.

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  9. Hi Sir My name is Govardhan . iam Working in Krishna Collectors Office Machilipatnam as a Outsourcing (Computer Operator) since last July -2018 on wards i am unable to change the option in working Collectors office Machilipatnam not in a private sector.
    pls change it in the Application or other wise pls send the link to modify the option

  10. Mam i didn’t apply for non local districts…please say me how to edit my application form in grama sachivalayam ??

  11. Money payment is done, but the page stopped suddenly .while visiting the payment section it shows that not paid.
    Please help me with the solution

  12. sir i have done my graduation from ap but my permanent and correspondance address is of New delhi ,if in address option i am selecting other than AP and then urban next option is not coming for selection, muncipality option is not coming, then how to apply with in complete address

  13. i have studied my whole education in TN but my native is AP from birth to till now.
    whether i’m can local ? Grama Sachivalayam it’s asking “Regular” or “Private” please help me on this

    • Haseena,

      I understood your concern, try to escalate the same to support team once, after final verification, you can proceed with the payment process. I personally, called support team but none of answered my call on this issue.

      I don’t know exactly, Sachivalayam team not answering calls or not. Try to call 2maro and we will see what to do next if issue not solved.

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  14. sir/madam after the completion of one time profile registration 2nd stage I was entered all the details but suddenly page was expired & I don’t have any application id plz help me to do further process.i was tried to enter the details in otp form but it is not accepting.help me sir. Thanking u sir

  15. I have completed my schooling in different areas other than AP and Telangana. Completed my BTech in AP. I Belongs to AP. In OTPR when I completed the form with non local to all areas and clicked preview it shows error in-
    Are you covered under GO No. 171 and 172 As I have not migrated from Telangana so, I chosed NO but it shows error in that field.
    So kindly suggest me what to do.

    • Sangeetha,

      Close the application once, clear the browser cookies and cache. Now you have fill the OTPR application once again and submit it under Non Local category. If still getting errors, use these number for technical errors: 9121148061, 9121148062, 9121148063.

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  16. Dear Sir/Mam
    After submitting all the details for OTPR process, it is directing me to the initial page where it is showing that ” Please check your age as per notification”. But my DOB is 15/07/1998. I m eligible for all the posts. Please help me

  17. Post preference lo non local district ki yes ani pettanu.3districts ki apply chesanu ante local ga nenu east godavari na district lo job ivvaraa east godavari lenattena plzzzz help me edit option ivvandi local ga east ki nenu east godavari district ki apply cheyyali

  18. Mam I entered wrong mobile number no option to edit my details because otp is not available so please suggest how to solve it.

  19. Helpdesk numbers are given for conplaints but i didnt understand y those numbers are given and making students fools…..if not working then what is the use?? How can we take our problems to technical team…..Y BASIC EDUCATIONAL DETAILS IS NOT EDITING…..

  20. Hi this is Deepa as my payment was done for posts under category 2 and it has shown me successfull transaction with the deduction of money. And now I received a message that my payment is still pending Can Pls suggest me what to do.

  21. I made the payment of Rs.400/- initially my account was debited but payment showd declined. So i make payment of Rs.400/-again and it shows successful but my initial amount was not re-credited. Please help me

  22. After payment method i didnt get any message or email that i successfully completed application.. what should i do??

  23. hello,i am unable to CREATE new OTPR.I am getting Java exception error.
    Could you please suggest me how to proceed further.
    Thank you.


  25. I uploaded my sign with blue pen….. Is it necessary to change the colour of signature to black colour… Will my application reject by this reason… Please answer me

  26. i want to apply this but my payment is failed & again it is not showing the payment details to pay again..so please solve it..

  27. when iam appling for the post ward administrative in cat-1 the two steps are successfully done but at paymentmode igot error but system will issue candidate id.but i agin submit for that it will not taken plz help

  28. HELLO ,
    This is venkatesh ,i have completed payment option.money was debited,but i cant see my application,so how to check my application if payment is success or not please give me a reply

  29. Hi, Could you please let me know weather i can pay my exam fee after 10th august. More over i have submitted my application already and i have user details. I tried several ways to pay the amount on last day but website was not working and later i got to know that i should have chosen internet explore or mozilla firefox. please do let me know weather i can pay?

  30. I don’t uploaded my signature…..
    I tried to upload before one day of last date
    Bt it’s not work due to the website busy
    Plzzz tell me my application will be accepted or rejected……

  31. I have applied for engineering applicant in group 2 I have done the payment the amount has been debited in my account 200/- but the status is showing fee not paid soo can u pls help me

  32. Dear sir,I have done payment money Debit on my account but no confirmation of payment.i have done this 3times total money is debit why this happening any solution for this…

    • Vasu,

      Only 1 amount is accepted and it took 24 hours of time and If multiple time payment is debited then the additional payment will be refunded.

      Make use of the mobile numbers, which are available on the official website.

      Keerthana, Author.
      Examdays TSAP.

  33. I have done my payment and I got an otp to do payment.after I giving otp my mny was debited but in the application form it is that my payment is not done.what is the solution?

  34. I have done my payment and I got an otp to do payment.after I giving otp my mny was debited but in the application status form it is showing not paid.what is the solution?

    • Hi Sravani,

      Currently option not available. For rectification, we’ve two chances.

      1. Escalate the same to the Sachivalayam team over the phone (all numbers are busy).
      2. We have to wait for the local and nonlocal option edit (last year it available after closing date. So, this year also repeats the same).

      Keerthana, Author.
      Examdays TSAP.

  35. Hello sir I did a mistake in applying application name had been changed so….I have to edit my name now… what is the way to change the name

  36. Hii sir, This is singanamalla Pranathi I applied for grama sachivalayam posts of category 1 my photo is uploaded but my signature not uploaded is there any problem while IAM receiving my Hall ticket and while writing exam. The payment already done but signature not been uploaded please tell a solution for it sir

  37. Hello sir i did a mistake I kept wrong in ward number so I want to correct it but i used one time edit application so please give me information that what can i do and how i rectify it while i complete the application form didn’t get any success message through mail or my Phone number will u please help me sir

  38. Dear sir,
    Is the payment is working now or not.can please help me.earlierly I have done it was debit you said that wait for 24hrs it’s over.can you suggest me about this payment

  39. I forgot to edit my address,last time it was mistake n exam center in different place i.e far and now also forgot to edit as it is with same OTPR. How to edit the address

  40. Hi,
    When I paid the amount it was debited from the account. but the process failed.
    So I applied for the second time , now application successfully submitted. Here the amount debited both the times. Can I get the first amount back to my account.

  41. Hi,

    I am sowmya i didnt upload the photo with signature, but just uploaded only photo in the application form and edit is not working to reupload the photo with signature. now my question is there any option for edit can you please help me out

    thanks in advance


  42. Madam non local edit option eppudu vastundhi madam plz cheppandi..nenu apply chesina jobs ki local ma category lo post lu levv madam..plz cheppandi eppudu vastundhi non local edit option

    • లోకల్ మరియు నోన్ లోకల్ ఎడిట్ ఆప్షన్ వస్తుంది కానీ సచివాలయం టీమ్ ఇంకా షెడ్యూల్ విడుదల చేయలేదు. వచ్చిన తర్వాత పోస్టును అప్డేట్ చేస్తాం.

    • ఇప్పుడు అలాంటివి ఏమి చేంజ్ చేయకండి, సర్టిఫికేట్ వెరిఫికేషన్ టైమ్ లో చేంజ్ చేయండి. మొదట పరీక్ష పూర్తి కానివ్వండి.


    • Hi మను,

      ఇప్పుడు ఇలాంటివి ఏమి పెట్టుకోకండి. సర్టిఫికేట్ వెరిఫికేషన్ లో చేంజ్ చేసే సదుపాయం కలదు.


  43. Otp నేను పోగొట్టుకున్నాను,తిరిగి పొందటానికి ఏమి చేయాలి ,plz ….exam date దగ్గరవుతుంది …దయచేసి చెప్పండి

  44. Hi,
    Sir ,


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