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grama sachivalayam edit option

AP Sachivalayam OTPR Edit Option

AP Sachivalayam OTPR Edit Option: Andhra Pradesh State various departments have released Grama and Ward Sachivalayam posts to fill the 16,207 Vacancies and those who have applied for the Grama and Ward three category posts can submit the online application form before the last date.

If anyone submitted Sachivalayam OTPR application form with mistakes and wants to edit the application form, then candidates have to wait for them until the application date is completed. For mistake correction, candidates have to pay Rs.100/- per complete application or ZERO rupees (fee is not yet decided by Sachivalayam yet, it was expected application fee).

AP Grama Sachivalayam Edit Option
  • 2022 Edit Update: Candidates can edit the minor mistakes in the application form by using edit option from today onwards.
  • Upload service details for selection preference. Details are given below.
  • Those who are done common mistakes in the OTPR application at the time of job application submission, they may get an official link to modify their minor or major mistakes soon. Candidates have to wait certain days for the link active process. Right now, the link not yet activated.
  • Sachivalayam edit option is NOT official announced this year (2020), it was availed in 2019 year.
  • It was not confirmed by the Sachivalayam official sources.
  • If No edit optionis available then NO NEED WORRY about, because, the candidates details correction / modify available at the time of certificate verification time.

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ సచివాలయం ఎడిట్ ఆప్షన్ విడుదల

  • సచివాలయం గ్రామా మరియు వార్డ్ అభ్యర్థులు ఎప్పుడు అప్లికేషన్ ఫారం తప్పులను సవరించుకోవచ్చును. మరొక్కసారి అప్లికేషన్ పూర్తి గ చెక్ చేసి మరల సబ్మిట్ చేయండి.
  • ఈ అవకాశాన్ని ఉపయోగించుకోండి, మరల మరల తప్పులతో అప్లికేషన్ సబ్మిట్  చేస్తే రిజెక్ట్ అవుతుంది.
  • జాగ్రత్తగా అప్లికేషన్ ఫారం ని రెండు మూడు సార్లు చెక్ చేసి అప్పుడు నెమ్మదిగా సబ్మిట్ చేయండి, తొందర వద్దు.
  • తొందర పటు మీ అప్లికేషన్ రిజెక్ట్ అయ్యే అవకాశాలు ఉన్నాయ్.
  • మరింత సహాయానికి మమల్ని సంప్రదించండి.

AP Sachivalayam Edit Option

Available after completion of Last Date

AP Sachivalayam OTPR Edit Option

Name of the AuthorityAndhra Pradesh Sachivalayam
Name of the PostsGrama and Ward Posts
Number of Posts16,207 Vacancies
Age Limit18to 42 Years
Selection ProcedureWritten Exam
Official Websitegramasachivalayam.ap.gov.in

AP Sachivalayam OTPR Edit Option

To edit the Sachivalayam Grama OR Ward online application form, his/her must and should have Sachivalayam OTPR ready to modify the application form. The Sachivalayam edit option is available now.

Both Grama and Ward Sachivalayam candidates can use the below Same link for both online application forms edit, make sure that, you have to resubmit the application form without any error, further questions write to us for clarifications.

ap sachivalayam edit option

Candidates can make use of the AP Sachivalayam edit option for edit / modify the complete details as in the Sachivalayam Website.

AP Sachivalayam OTPR Edit Option

Upload Qualification Certificates Who Applied for Multiple Posts

Those who are applied for the multiple posts, can edit and upload the qualification certificates here – Upload/Modify Here

Update Local GO 104: If you have issues with Local and Non-local category options, update here, further details candidates can update here.

AP Sachivalayam Complains OR Query

Use the below complaints form to ask the eligible questions and application submission-related questions in the below listed official link.

AP Sachivalayam Edit Application Form
ap sachivalayam application edit option

AP Sachivalayam has activated the application form edit as per the category wise, now candidates can edit the completed application form for their minor and major mistakes in the application form.

ap sachivalayam application
AP Sachivalayam Edit Application Form

 Category – I Posts

  • 1. Panchayat Secretary (Grade-V)
  • 2. Mahila Police and Women & Child Welfare Assistant / Ward Women & Weaker SectionsProtection Secretary (Female)
  • 3. Welfare & Education Assistant
  • 4. Ward Administrative Secretary

Edit Application Form

Category – II Posts

Group – A  (Common Examination with preference)

  • 1. Engineering Assistant (Grade-II)
  • 2. Ward Amenities Secretary (Grade-II)

Edit Application Form

Group – B  (Common Examination)

  • 1. Village Revenue Officer (Grade-II)
  • 2. Village Surveyor (Grade-III)

Edit Application Form

Category – III

  • 1. Village Agriculture Assistant (Grade-II)
  • 2. Village Horticulture Assistant
  • 3. Village Fisheries Assistant
  • 4. Village Sericulture Assistant
  • 5. Panchayat Secretary (Grade-VI) Digital Assistant
  • 6. Animal Husbandry Assistant
  • 7. ANM/Ward Health Secretary (Grade-III) (Female)
  • 8. Ward Planning & Regulation Secretary (Grade-II)
  • 9. Ward welfare & Development secretary (Grade-II)
  • 10. Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary (Grade-II)
  • 11. Ward Sanitation & Environment Secretary (Grade-II)

Edit Application Form

If any complaints about AP Sachivalayam, use the below link for that.

There was a payment error, candidates who are facing these issues, have to refresh the pages and do it again. If already payment deducted but the application, not a success, then payment will be refunded in 7 days.

sachivalayam payment error

Mobile OTP Errors

We already tested with application OTP but unable to receive the MObile OTP for edit purposes, as per information, there is a lot of traffic on servers and it crashed and there will be a technical issue as of now.

Upload Service details on the Sachivalayam Website on or before the link expire – Upload Here

AP Sachivalayam Complains Form

If candidates have any further questions and doubts, use the below comment box for clarifications.

How to Edit the Sachivalayam Application form.?

Login and proceed with screen instructions.

How to edit the DOB in the Sachivalayam application form.?

Follow the above screen instructions.

Is Aadhar Card is required for the Sachivalayam registration.?

Yes, it is required for the application registration.

How to take application printout.?

After submission of the application, click on the printout option and take the system print.


  1. I didn’t mention the option of non-local districts is there any option for that to edit and is it mandatory to select that option incase we select that there is any priority for us

  2. I did a mistake in ssc details actually I had passed in the month March 2013 but I had typed may 2013. How can I change my details?

      • Keerthana,

        Please confirm same issue here too i completed ssc 2006 but unfortunatly i selcted 2016 now i am unable to apply for the post since its showing gradution completed year option is coming from 2016 but i completed in 2012.
        suggest please

  3. Application modification option vuntunda sir? I am choose non local .Eppudu local pedathm anukuntunna? Off any chance?

      • లక్ష్మి,

        ఎడిట్ ఆప్షన్ ఇప్పుడు తీసేశారు. సిగ్నేచర్ ని అప్లోడ్ చేయడం కుదరదు ఇప్పుడు. హాల్ టికెట్ వస్తే అప్పుడు ఏమైనా చేయడానికి వీలు ఉంట్టుంది. 22 ఆగష్టు నా హాల్ టిక్కెట్స్ వస్తాయి.

        ఎందుకైనా మంచిది, ఒక్కసారి అప్లికేషన్ లాగిన్ అయ్యి అప్లోడ్ వీలు ఉందో లేదు చెక్ చేయండి మీ అప్లికేషన్ లో.

  4. Actually I am applied with ssc but i am completed degree bsc I have to change bsc in application it is possible to edit now
    And please help me how to check my application status

    • Palleti shilpa,

      See, OTPR Edit option is available to change the complete application form, you can edit OTPR application once again, resubmit the Photo OR Signature.

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  5. Actually the edit option is available now. But it is not having the edit option of ssc details,how should I change my ssc details i.e month and year.it doesn’t showing any details about ssc month and year.( I.e in the OTPR edit application form)

  6. Sir i had completed my schooling in spsr nellore but by mistake i entered 10 th class prakasham..how can i edit that pls rply


  8. in the process of application my date of birth is not correct it is actually (1998) but mistakenly i put (1988) can i able to change it .if yes can u tell me the process , please

  9. I didn’t mention a signature with the photograph. I have completed application with payment also. How can I edit now. please let me know.

  10. One of my friend wants to edit district name in educational details.But in OTPR edit section that education field is not appearing please give a solution for how to edit district name in education details section

  11. Sir/Madam,

    Present I am working on contact basic in fisheries department.in online application one
    option appeared “are you existing in contract employee / Outsourcing employee” Yes or No by mistake click on the No option. How to edit Yes option and enter the experience.

    Please suggestions I have 15 marks weightage.

    • You’ve done mistake in the application as per the statement is given, use the edit option for changes. If not appear then make a call and escalate the same.

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  12. Hiii I didn’t sign my name near photograph as its showing that it is more than 50kb but I submitted my details,can u guide me that any problem by doing this

  13. Hi…Sir/Madam This is om prakash i did’nt upload my signature in the OTPR application form.
    i want to upload my signature in application form it possible or not.

  14. how can i change my basic education details from 4th to 10th.i have kept my residence District instead of studied district. Please let me know how can i change it.

  15. I had applied otpr for wardsachivalayam but i want to apply it for gramasachivalayam please tell me how to change this

  16. Sir application online lo submitted chesanu andulu mistake ayyendi degree year of passing tappuga vesanu yela sir edit option yemaia unda unte cheppandi

  17. ward number wrongly entered how can i change it? as in edit option drop down option in ward number block was not coming. i can see all the details except ward number option in edit otpr details

  18. Madam, i have applied for Engineering assistant grade 2 category in EASTGODAVARI district..I wrongly selected willing to apply for non local districts option..intead i select no option..I wanted to change it to yes option…Is there any possibility to change it??

  19. Madam nenu jntuk ki badhulu ,university name jntu petta. OTPR edit ki velthe university name change cheyyataniki chupinchadam ledhu madam


  21. helo mam my btech qualifyng yr is 2018 instd of that i kept 2015 how to rectify it? after augst 1oth is their any edit option for application

    • Siva,

      Edit option is not available to fix all the fields, even I tried for support team via call, none of them answered. You’ve to check manually in edit option and verify. Option not available for all.

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  22. Hello, madam this is harish there is no editing of my basic education details…… I previously asked u to edit my application form but u told me that first time editing is free and second time u will pay hundred and edit my application but after i payed 100 to edit my application form there is no visibility of basic education details….what can i do now?

  23. Mam i need to edit basic education details.
    I had completed my 10th in spsr nellore but by mistake i kept prakasam. how can i edit it pls reply

  24. How can i change educational details i have studied in one district but mistakely submitted another district from 6 to 10

  25. Mam application edit option is also released mam but basic esucation details is not editing mam…..what can i u …..i called to the numbera those r not working mam….how can i change pls rply….assistance team is not lifting and switchoff….

  26. I didn’t mention the signature with photo.i has submitted the application. is there any possibility to edit. please let me know

  27. Good Morning Sir,

    This is Hari, I have registered OTPR with wrong date of Birth, Kindly please tell how to change date of Birth.

  28. Mam both submit application and otpr edit option is released but basic education details is not editing….help desk numbers are not working…links that u sent are not working….what can i do now…is their any chance of giving the edit option for basic education details?? Or is their any for rejecting bcoz 8 and 10 dist were changed by mistakenly

  29. I want to cancel the PSY under category 1
    And I need to apply ENG Assisistant under category 2
    is their any refund if it is possible can you please give me steps.

  30. Hai madam in basic education details only for class 7th instead of visakhapatnam it was printed as east godavari how to change it please help me i have pad 100 also

  31. Hello Madam,

    Previously i applied for local district(East Godavari). I want to apply for NON LOCAL DISTIRCT as well including my local district by changing the willing to apply for non local district option as yes, But there is no edit option for this in EDIT APPLICATION FORM, Can you suggest me to change this??

  32. mam,i entered wrong mobile numbe.no option for editing my details because Otp is not available so please suggest how to solve.

  33. Madam/sir,
    My community is Bc’D’.
    But application is showing Bc’B’.
    I was try to change my community through Edit option. But personal details editing are not given in Edit option. So how can i change my community in my application

  34. Hello Madam,

    I have done my graduation in ARTS only….am i eligible for Ward Welfare & Development secretary (Grade -2) post???

    Essential qualification for this post is A Degree in arts and humanities, I am unable to understand whether am eligible or not, Can u suggest me??

  35. Sir/Madam
    My community is Bc’D’, but in application it is shown as a Bc’B’. Personal details changing option is not given in Edit option.
    How can i change correct my community in my application

        • Hi sir,
          My First letter is missing in my name even my mother is appeared in place of dad name . suggest me how can i edit my name

          • There is alot of candidates name misprinted in the hall ticket. You just write a letter and take any Gazetted sign with stamp and carry any govt id proof to the examination centre and explain the same.

            Carry documents to exam centre:
            Written Letter with Gazetted sign and stamp.
            Application form
            Hall Ticket with Gazetted sign and stamp.
            Hall Ticket without Gazetted sign and stamp.
            Original Govt ID proof

            Examdays TSAP Dept.

        • We received many requests on name misplaced, it seems to be some technical glitz in sachivalayam systems, btw you can carry following documents for safe side.

          Carry documents to exam centre:
          Written Letter with Gazetted sign and stamp.
          Application form
          Hall Ticket with Gazetted sign and stamp.
          Hall Ticket without Gazetted sign and stamp.
          Original Govt ID proof

          Examdays TSAP Dept.

  36. Mam can i send my complaint in queiry for not editable BASIC EDUCATION DETAILS COLUMN but it is asking about and post…..and for what catogery should i choose to enter queiry….SYLLABUS , EXAM PATTERN, EXAM DATE AND TIME , APPLICATION SUBMISSION , AGE RELAXATION, RESERVATION CATOGERY

    • Haseena,
      Again, no need to worry on this, Sachivalayam team try to provide an option for education edit soon. If not provided, u can change it later while reporting time of document verification.

      There are many candidates had a mistake on education details submission. You’re not alone.

      Prepare for the exam, if any option available, we intimate on this website.

  37. mdm,actually i am not upload sign with photo and i paied money after i am editing my photo with signature it is not shown payment i am submit without payment.whether it is conformed or not please tell me mdm

  38. I have entered incorrect aadhar number, does it cause any problem ? Now the server is not working. I am worried, please clear my doubt

  39. Unfortunately we have submitted the application with only photograph not having signature. is there any chance to modify it.

  40. Pls extend last date to 12th aug due to some technical problems I think server is busy so, my application is not submitted pls give us one last chance… Plsss

  41. sir .. in OTPR Application .. i forgot to my signature below photo. can u help me.. how to edit… sir can you tell me signature is mandatory for OTPR application?

  42. Hi
    I want to edit my name in OTPR but the it was closed by 10 August, is there any chance to edit my name in OTPR, please answer me

  43. sir nenu signature application form lo enter cheyaledu naku hall ticket vastuda sir…
    ravadaniki emaina solution vunda sir please reply sir,.,…


    • Earlier, I suggested to check with application login and check is there any possibility of application edit. If not available, there is no way to edit or modify.

      You’re responded after the last date. Just wait for the hall ticket.

  45. I have one mistake in my Hall ticket. My fathers name in one letter has to be missed. Pls give any sagisa to to rectify the problem. Is it any problem. Plss find my problem

  46. Hai madam my mistake is very big my name is wrong in my application iam just found now please tell me solution Actually my name DIVYA SREE but application in my name HARISH KUMAR

  47. Hello Madam,

    I am unable to download my Hall ticket second time…1st time i downloaded but unfortunatly, it was deleted from my files…now i am unable to download it from site..please give me your suggestion?

  48. Madam my caste mistake in hall ticket and application form how can I change please give me the solution, actually caste is BC-B but in application form and hall ticket BC-D si how can I correct that please give me the solution

    • Carry documents to exam centre:
      Written Letter with Gazetted sign and stamp.
      Application form
      Hall Ticket with Gazetted sign and stamp.
      Hall Ticket without Gazetted sign and stamp.
      Original Govt ID proof

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  49. Mam, I have not opted for Non local districts. I did not got job now. If I would have opted for Non local I would have definately get job. Is there any chance for me to re-apply for Non local districts?
    I thought that If I dont get job in local with reservation, How can I get it in Non local open category. After applying I saw that in Non local category also posts were distributed category wise.
    I felt very bad that I did not appplied for Non local districts.
    Even for those who are behind my rank can get job now.
    please help me.

  50. My document verification was completed and I got acceptance request but in my application I have provided my btech passed out year wrong ..I didn’t notice then is there any problem regarding job..I’m super nervous can I change year …Please give me some advice

  51. I have entered my category as Bc-B but i belongs to Category Bc-A… Yesterday i got message that i have selected for Panchayat Raj secretary ..Now how can i change my Caste Category .

  52. Hi, I wanted to edit Are you willing to work in Non Local to YES. I have already edited the form for 1st time.
    There are no vacancies in my local. So if I give the exam also it is of no use.
    Can u pls help me with this.

  53. Hi mam, na cast bc my husband cast different ite nenu husband cast pettanu mam ayana cast pi naku certificate avvadu antunnaru Eppudu em cheyali madam pls reply madam

    • Lakshmi,

      Do one thing, Apply for the new caste certificate by attaching xerox copy of the husband caste document in Meeseva center and get the same caste certificate. Don’t say to officials my caste and my husband caste is different., keep in mind.

      Keerthana, Author.
      Examdays TSAP.

  54. I don’t see edit for setting non local to local. I only see edit for educational, address details,.
    And i also used edit for 1st time. It’s allowing me to edit for second time.
    Can u pls provide me the link for 2nd time edit for editing posting preference location.

  55. Hii, I have already utilised the edit OTPR option in that I forget to update the signature when I am trying to edit once again it is showing that edit can be allowed once.What should I do now?? Please help me how can I solve this problem..

  56. Sir! I applied to the surveyor post and I did payment also for local! I want to edit non local but there is no option is there for editing! Pls tell the details of how to edit non local after payment! In site edit option is shown only for without payment !

  57. Hi,,
    I applied for Ward data processing Sectry
    But later came to know there is no vacancy in OC category I had submitted and paid for the application. Please let me know is there any chance to go through.can I edit the post applied for. Please let me know

  58. Hi
    I did not receive an email or sms about my application. I checked my email and phone number and it was correct but still I didn’t get any email or sms about successful allocation or fee payment. Y is that ?
    And I have to edit a minute detail about me . I used otpr option once. Wen I try again it says only once it is allowed to edit. How to edit details now ? Wen r they going to allow us to edit details ? Please answer for all the questions.

  59. Mam I forgot to upload signature below photo, submitted the application and payment is also completed . now how can I upload the signature
    Is this mistake a major problem mam

  60. Hi,
    I have submitted my Online Application today but i didnt get any confirmation mail or any message. In That application i have entered wrong year for 10th pass out (entered 2011 behalf of 2003), i used edit option also but i forgot to change.. when i was tried once again it doesnt accept for 2nd time. could you please help me, what should i do now.


  61. I forgot to upload signature but i my photo.i thought that it was photo option only.
    i used edit option also for examination centres.
    Now, how can i upload photo to my application.please tell me madam.

  62. i forgot to upload signature but i upload my photo.i thought that it was photo option only.I have used edit option also for examination centres.
    Now,how can i upload signature to my application form.please tell me madam

  63. how to upload photo madam, i have already used edit option.
    with our mail id with have to mail to the mailid’s which you have given madam and we have to attach application and signature with photo.
    And. again i didn’t get confirmation mail to my phone number and email about successfull allotment of my application.

    • Hi Srilakshmi,

      Please submit the email to sachivalayam (application form print, photo, signature) with detailed explanation.
      Next: You have to check the application form status while downloading the application form.

      Note: Sachivalayam team will provide another edit option for rectification of all error after last date.

      Whatever, you just submit the mail and also use the contact number.

  64. Mam, i mailed the application and scanned photo with signature to the mail id’s which you have given to me. Is it ok madam or i have to do anything else for that.
    please, give me the reply madam.

  65. I forgot to upload my photo and signature and i used edit application already once.But it’s not coming What should i do.If i apply without photo and signature is there any problem.Please do tell me.

  66. Madam I am traying more then 30 time to register my profile for otpr. But everyone said server is not working. What can I do now. Today is last date. Help me !.

  67. Madam,yesterday you have told me to send application form with scanned photo with signature to the mail id’s.I send, but the application is not updated with signature and photo.My payment status shown fee paid.Now.what i have to do madam.

    • If sachivalayam people not updated means, they may take the time or, they may be scheduled for next paid edit option (Last year they released paid edit option for entire application edit, this year maybe chances)

  68. Madam.i did not get any confirmation message to my phone number or email about my application.
    It will cause any problem madam.Because today is the last date.

  69. Hai
    I applied grade 2 post today. But I didn’t get any confirmation message or mail after completing my payment done.. Please reply my message..

  70. Mam in submitted application now it is showing both photo and signature.Then No need to forward that sign and photo to that mail id.please tell me.

  71. Mam now in submitted application it is showing both sign and photo.Then no need to forward photo and sign to that you mentioned email.please tell me.

  72. Mam now in submitted applications it is showing mail and sign.Then no need to send that sign and photo to you mentioned email.please tell me.

  73. Nenu OTPR option use cheyaledu kani nenu use chesinantu chupistondi.photo upload ayindi kani signature upload avaledu.emi cheyali madam payment kuda ayipoyindi.kani confirmation message raledu payment status already paid ani vachindi.epudu emi cheyali madam nenu. ee roje last date kada madam.

    • If the payment status is showing “Not paid” then Pay again. And Enquiry in the bank for the refund status.

      We have only one option as of now with Sachivalayam team.

      Sachivalayam team not working up to the mark and none of them responding for the payment failures.

      So many candidates are facing such payment issues but none of them answers this type errors.

      Keerthana, Author.
      Examdays TSAP.

  74. How to upload madam.OTPR edit option is showing you have already used.How to upload in that.And any confirmation message not came to my email madam

  75. Madam,nenu engineering assistant ki apply chesanu local lo..notification lo chusthe local lo job emi levu madam..non local option pettukovadaniki edit option istara madam..plz cheppandi

    • చెప్పలేం మదురి, కానీ ఎడిట్ ఆప్షన్ ఇచ్చే ఆకాశం ఉంది, చాలా మంది candidates mistakes చేశారు.


  76. Sir, I uploaded the pic with out sign below in the edit option optr after that I noticed it and I want to rectify it but it was showing only one time edit is possible in the optr edit option… then what should it do plz guide me sir…….

    • Hi Samvrutha,

      Sachivalayam -2019 (last year) they enabled the paid edit option.

      For this year, as same expectation, none of sachivalayam guys responding for the calls and mails for the confirmation on this.


  77. Last year icharu kada mam e year untunda paid edit option help line services ki call chesthe valu ivem levu antunaru …

  78. Mam pls tell me e year sachivalayam edit option vasthunda mam hopes petukokunda veredi prepare avadam better aaa

    • Hi,
      Don’t wait for single Govt Job, prepare for another alternative/Suitable jobs. And regarding the Sachivalayam edit option, we have already escalated to get the confirmation on this. Once we get info. we will update the same.

  79. Hi mam, i did mistake in my application, actually am choosing different category post by mistakely selected another one, will get any edit option in before exam…?

    • Bujji,

      The chances of the Sachivalayam Edit option is NO. But we are expecting further edit option beacasue so many candidates are did minor mistakes in the online application form.

      Hope we get positive response from Sachivalayam team on edit option.



    • As of now, no official update on the Sachivalayam edit option due to the COVID19 pandemic. And one more thing, this time 2020-21, No one gave information on edit option but those who are shortlisted for the certificate verification, at that time, candidates can modify the details in presence of team (mean at certificate verification center).

      So, no need to worry about it, prepare for the exam.

    • Meghana,
      As of now, NOT possible to change the application details.

      Use the Aadhar Card number and download the application form again. If you’re shortlisted then change the number at the time of the Certificate verification process.


  80. Madam Chala Mandi edit option vachindi antunaru Kani website matram chuinchatledu njmga release chesara mam edit option please help me

    • Hi,
      Edit option is available only for the exam center change, ti available due to the COVID19 pandemic.

      If you’re looking for the Candidate registration details modification, then wait it will be available soon. If they not released then don’t worry, candidates details will be modified at the time of certificate verification time.


  81. Madam Chala Mandi edit option vachindi antunaru Kani website matram chuinchatledu njmga release chesara mam edit option please help me

  82. Mam…
    Actually my DOB is 8-11-1998
    But accidentally I mentioned as 11-8-1998

    Is there is option to rectify this mistake…


      Right, no edit option is available for the modification of candidates’ details. Wait for some time OR If you’re shortlisted for the Certificate Verification CV then you can change it at the time of CV. No need to worry.


  83. Madam I did a mistake in year of passing degree details actually my degree qualifying year is 2019 but I kept 2018 can I correct those details in application form edit option unavailable mam pls tell me

  84. Madam gramasachivalyam I did a mistake in year of passing degree details actually my degree qualifying year is 2019 but I kept 2018 can I correct those details in application form edit option was unavailable mam pls help me

  85. Madam gramasachivalyam I did a mistake in my year of passing degree details actually my degree qualifying year is 2019 but I kept 2018 can I Corry those details in application form edit option unavailable madam pls help me

  86. Madam gramasachivalyam I did a mistake in year of passing details actually my degree qualifying year is 2019 but I kept 2018 can I correct those details in application form edit option unavailable pls helpe madam

  87. Mam please help me my dad name is misplaced in candidate name there is problem in hall ticket how to solve this problem please help me

  88. Madam/sir,
    My community is BC-D
    But application is showing BC-B I was try to change my community through edit option. But personal details editing are not given edit option.
    So how can I change my community in my application.
    Please reply sir

    • Hi Kalyani,

      Caste is not editable as of now, no problem for now, you can prepare for the exam. Edit option will be available in this recruitment. So, no need to worry about it.

      You can change it later from BC-B to BCD (no issue), not only you many of them are facing.


  89. Can we edit post option,got net issue n other one he did because ANM/Pharma not related to my subject.
    Instead of Ward sanitation & environment he kept ward health secretary/ANM

    • Hi Glory Kasarapu,

      Yes, you can edit the online Sachivalayam application form but as of now, the link is not yet activated for edit. Many of candidates are waiting for the Sachivalayam edit option. Wait a few more days.


  90. Myself Glory Kasarapu, now am in dilemma that which course subject shall I study for exam,if it can be edited for sure then I will study my course related one only I.e ward sanitation & environment secretary or the wrong one ward health secretary which I did a mistake,time is running out and no confirmation,there is no point of studying the wrong subject I.e ward health secretary

  91. Mam I want to my change my exam center and preferences also is the link available now and how to change the details now mam plz reply mam

    • Hi,

      We’re waiting for the same official note from Sachivalayam team for the minor and major changes. But We have got some info that, If candidates need changes or modification in their applications, no need to worry, selected candidates can change the same at the time of Certificate Verification (CV).


  92. Hi Mam,

    I have noticed that gender is wrong now(After hallticket is released)..What can be done ?……will it affect my exam ?….will they allow to write exam




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