AP Police Salary 2023 Pay Slip Police Constable SI Package

ap police salary

AP Police Salary Package: Those who are checking with Police constable and Sun inspector of police, they have to check the detailed information for the salary slip and other pay scale related information. The further details are available on the various post wise also.

For AP Police Salary 2023, candidates can also check the detailed information for the police profession deserves a handsome salary, above all they deserve respect which should be reflected in the eyes of every citizen whom the police are serving.

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AP Police Salary Pay Slip

AP government release vacancy every year in the in thousand, to welcome the warriors to join and protect their citizens just like family with more power and responsibility. Let’s before going to salary and perk, check out the duties they must play and career growth in the Andhra Pradesh Police from Police Constable.

Roles and Responsibilities of AP Police

How much power and pride you get, that many responsibilities will be on your shoulder. Those who intrested for AP police posts should know where they are heading to, what are responsibilities they need to follow and almost get devotee too. Let’s check out some quick points about responsibility.

  • The police of any division’s duty is to protect the needy and rescuing people from danger.
  • Without any discrimination, punishment should be offered for the breach of justice.
  • Eliminate the pickpocketers by catching them and give punishment accordingly, so that no one dares to step in that business.
  • Keep all the efforts to prison the prisoner.
  • Use all the tactics to arrest the criminals.
  • Not only the house even the same as the police station too, but you also have to keep a check on the prisoners as well as take care of the station property.
  • You have to be strict with the call of duty as in festive times the work will be stressful and loaded with long timing.
  • Not only up to your area if other station zones want help as the natural calamity effect, but you should also be available to work with them too.

AP Police SI Salary Pay Slip

Let’s check out the career growth of the AP police department. 

ap police salary pay slip
ap police salary package

Career growth is everyone’s dream. And every step you move forward, the more the power as well as responsible you have to be. The promotion depends upon the service you to people, performance, the dedication you have towards your job, accomplishment records, and many more.  

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AP Police Salary Package

The police department is a zone of daredevils, and for that bravery apart from the respect, they deserve a handsome salary. And as expected the packages of them according to different pay scales been finalized as desire. Let’s check the salary of you if you are desir3e to be part of the police service. 

Post name6th CPC pay scaleGrade pay6th CPC initial basic Pay7th CPC pay scaleGross salary per month in rupee
Police constable50,020 to 20,-200 rupees only2000 rupees only7,200 rupees only21,700 rupees only30,000 to 4000 rupees
Sub Inspector9,300 to 34,800 rupees only4,200 rupees only 13,500 rupees only35,400 rupees only49,000 to 64,000 rupees only
Deputy Superintendent of Police9,000 to 34,800 rupees only5,400 rupees only14,700 rupees only53,100 rupees only75,000 to 94,000 rupees only
AP Police Salary Information

Andhra Pradesh Police 2023 Perks and Allowances

Apart from the salary as it’s risky and full of responsibility job, the police are the most deserving person who should get the perks and allowance, so that they have satisfaction too of doing all the day hard work. The person who takes care of other needs and protection, for their need government is taking care. Let’s see what allowances and perks you get if you become a part of the police team.

The allowances and perks are:

  • They are provided with house rent allowance.
  • Petrol allowance is given.
  • The facility of the hospital is given.
  • The pride – police uniform is given with washing allowance.
  •  Loans are provided related to welfare.
  • Risk allowance.
  • Compensation and festival bonus are also availed.

AP police salary

AP police in hand salary

After a certain deduction, the officers and constables get in-hand salary slightly differs from the offered one. The deduction takes place after the 7th pay commission. The few deductions involve are :

  • For pension scheme deduction.
  • For PF deduction.
  • Hospital deduction as providing you medical facility.
  • A tax deduction, mandatory for every citizen.
  • Other deductions according to government norms.

AP police salary package

The police job is one of the prestigious positions. It allows you to make state or country a place you wanted it to be peaceful and full of justice. How much challenging it is that much adventurous experience you will behold in life. So, once you decided you want to serve your county with law and justice, no one can drag you back from your oath and determination. We thank and bow to respect every police member from ground level to higher authority for the dedication and efforts you keep to protect the country.

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