RRB Paramedical Staff Nurse Exam Paper 21st July 2019 Analysis & Review

rrb staff nurse paper

RRB Paramedical Staff Nurse Paper

RRB Paramedical Staff Nurse Paper:  Railway Recruitment Board RRB has scheduled to conduct the Paramedical staff nurse examination online from 19th July to 21st July 2019 Computer Based Test CBT across the India level. Those who have given the examination can check the number of correct answers you did in the examination.

For Paramedical Staff Nurse examination has scheduled three days (19, 20, and 21) July 2019. This year Paramedical staff nurse examination is easy to moderate (but not most difficult). For FY 2019-2020 year, total 1937 vacancies are filled.

RRB Paramedical Staff Nurse Paper

Subjects Number of Questions Number of Marks
Professional ability 70 Q’s 70 Marks
General Awareness 10 Q’s 10 Marks
General Arithmetic, General Intelligence and Reasoning 10 Q’s 10 Marks
General Science 10 Q’s 10 Marks
Total Count 100 Q’s 100 Marks
  • Exam Time: 1 Hour 30 minutes (90 minutes) (120 minutes for PwBD candidates)
  • 1/3rd (0.33) negative mark.
  • Exam Dates: 19th, 20th, and 21st July 2019.
  • 1937 total vacancies.

RRB Staff Nurse Cut Off

RRB Paramedical Staff Nurse Paper

Name of the Section Number of Questions Exam Level
Professional ability 70 Updated Soon
General Awareness 10 Updated Soon
General Arithmetic, General Intelligence and Reasoning 10 Updated Soon
General Science 10 Updated Soon
Total 100 Q’s

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Professional Ability: 70 Marks

, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist Grade-III, Radiographer, Speech Therapist, ECG Technician, Lady Health Visitor, Lab Assistant Grade II, Dental Hygienist, Dialysis Technician, Extension Educator, Health & Malaria Inspector Grade III, Lab Superintendent Grade-III, Optometrist, Perfusionist.

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rrb staff nurse question paper 2019 pdf

Questions asked in rrb 21/7/19 shift-1

1.Cause of PPH?
2.head circumference
3. Another name of facial palsy?
4.Maximum number of national park in which state : Madhya pradesh
5.dandiya folk dance of Gujarat
6.after burn first priority in resuscitation (fluid management)
7.first priority in newborn resuscitate (CHEST COMPRESSION)
8. cord presentation?
10.cardinal sign of meningitis (kerning sign)
11.projectile vomiting (pyloric stenosis)
14.function of liver?
15.fumction of bile?
16.position of enema? (left lateral)
17.which drug use in urinary & genital infection(norfloxacin)
18.Galium expressed by (GA)
19.storage in room temperature (marqury)
20.electical supply in body (nerve)
21.last part of small intestine? (illum)
22.down syndrome? (trisomy 21)
23. Klinefelter syndrome expressed by(XXY)?
24.blood loss or fluid loss indicates (hypovolemic shock)
25.memoey loss in old age(dementia)
26. Population under CHC(80000-1,20000)
27.BCG is a (live vaccine)
28.CSSM programme (1992)
29. ABC inventory maintain on basis?
30.macro nutrient?
31.Acid Base balance & ABG value maintain by(Na)
32. Which medicine use in HIV{zidovudine (Retrovir)}
33. Werner syndrome?
34.prion protein can cause in child?
35. Placenta delivery which stage(3rd)
36.anuria present in(kidney disease)
37. Saturated fat prescribe which patient?
38.oral pill contraindicated in?
39. Psychiatry norms by American psychiatry association.
40. panchayti Raj system given by? Gandhi
41. Pschyo sexual theory?
42.border line personality?
44. Sugar level in renal threshold (180mg1dl)
45. Find out correct positionNG TUBE by (aspirat stomach constant by measure PH)
46. Function of anti psychotic (inhibit mono amino oxidase)
48.penicilline drug discovered by?
49.meaning of emotion?
50.leg before wicket related to? Cricket
51. Main cause of pulmonary embolism? (DVT)
52.which autoimmune disease effect on synovial jiont(rheumatoid arthritis)
53. Plasma protein synthesis by? (liver)

  •  No of chromosome present in gamete – 22chromosmes
  • decrease HCO3 and pH indicates – metabolic acidosis
  • development of ovum – oogenesis
  • CSF secreted – choroid plexus
  • Process of exact written conversation between nurse and patient – process recording
  • relation to earth – gravity of force
  • Evaluation of emotion, behaviour and cognitive – neurological assessment
  • Unit of work and force – acceleration
  • Fifth vital sign – pain
  • Jallinawala Bagh situated – Amritsar
  • a teacher before taking a lesson, she make – lesson plan
  • Burn % of genitalia – 1%
  • Development of sperm- spermatogenesis
  • Blue print of nursing research – research design
  • A boy start walking with south 5km then he walk 5km left and then.last he walk 7km last what is the first and end km – 13km
  • WHICH pain killer act as anti inflammatory action – PCM
  • Inner layer of heart – endocardium
  • CINHAL – Cumulative index of nursing and allied health
  • In fish how many heart chamber – 2
  • Vagina acidic because – presence of doderline bacilli
  • In child corticosteroids is given in nephrotic syndrome for prevention – inflammation
  • Meditation is – non-pharmacological therapies
  • BMI weight below 18kg – underweight
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RRB Paramedical Staff Nurse 21 July Shift 2 Paper

  • CSF produce from –choroid plexus
  • Cinhal full form
  • K C C full form – Kisan credit card
  • Not the NSAID – paracetamol
  • Cystic fibrosis is – autosomal recessive
  • Old man – dada bhai naroji
  • Maximum seat of rajya sabha – 250
  • Mature ovam – oogenesis
  • Pedophilia – sex abuse of a child
  • Parception disorder – hallucination
  • Not increase the ICP in – viral encephalitis
  • Measles is the – air born infection
  • Autopsy is use which science – foreignsic
  • Most common hospital-acquired infection – bladder
  • Done for organ donate when the – circulatory and respiratory absence
  • Psychoanalytic theory – Sigmund Freud
  • Eye removal and entire tissue –Enucleation
  • Blood in plural cavity – hemothorax
  • Registhan ka jahaj – Camel
  • Barachah port – Iran
  • Increase intra occular pressure – glaucoma
  • Airway obstruction not in – pneumonia
  • Jean Piaget theory ??
  • Germ line tharapy
  • Symbol of potassium –k
  • Decrease bacterial growth in vagina doderlin baccili
  • Prevent lyranx when eating food – epiglottis
  • Epigraphy used for – Study fo Ancient language
  • Less than18kg/m2 what is the bmi underweight
  • Storage of CHO in animal – glycogen
  • Laprosy known as – Henson’s disease
  • Sterilization of glass wares – dry heat
  • Know about Behaviour , cognition skills of individual are report – process recording
  • Pschyatric Nurse patients communication as record as – precess record
  • HCO3 decrease and pH increase in ABG – metabolic acidosis ???
  • Overgrowth of bone and tissue – acromegaly
  • How many heart chamber in fish. –2
  • Glucose tolerance – all of the above
  • Digestion of CHO not help enzyme – lactase
  • EDD estimate by – neegle rule
  • Burn of Genital area is measured – 1%
  • Cause of Embolism – thrombus
  • Two or more variable relations in research – hypothesis
  • Nursing research blue print – ??
  • Intraosscious injection to child in when – under 6 year of critical illness
  • Male chromosome – 22 pairs
  • Which is the vector spread disease -???
  • Amebic dysentery – entamoeba histolitica
  • Organophosphorus poisoning – atropin
  • Not the fight & flight sympathetic nervous sys. – reduce the C.O.
  • Corticosteroid given in nephrotic syndrome – reduce inflammation
  • Which nutrient use for body temp.regulate?
  • What is necessary for healthy body – nutrients
  • Patient reduce anxiety by – compensation
  • The innermost layer of heart – endocardium
  • Do Angina and MI ECG change?
  • A child learns behaviour is naturally- ?

Questions asked in rrb 20/7/19 shift-1

1.Removal of eye with nerves is?
2.Napoleon of India? Samudra Gupta
3.Herniated Cyst with meninges /a
4. Far sightedness aka? Hypermetropia
5.Powerhouse of cell? Mitochondria
6.Prions have -dna/ rna/ both/ proteins?
7Alert =odhjl then 8.depth=?
9.3125 something was the no. of girls and Girls :boys= 35:37 to make ratio 1:1 no of girls should be added is?
10.Profit=15% on selling a cpu @6325 to make profit 25% sp should be?
11.2bells ring at interval of 88 and 58 sec rang together at 10 o’clock after how many seconds they will be ringing together?
13.Pench national park location? Madhya Pradesh
14.Functional unit of kidneys?
15.Done to asses nerve conduction in muscles using needle electrodes?
16.Presanile organic brain disorder?
17.Tennitus vertigo sensory function loss is?
18.Role in h2o retention by action on water channels (aquasporins) hormone is?
19.Improper contractions (type of shock)?
20.Drug given in analytic reaction?
21.Oxidation is?
22.Wellington trophy related to?
23.Conversion of adp in presence of 24.inorganic phosphate to atp is?
25.Stones in nephrolithiasis are?
26.Alteration in consciousness using suggestions?
27.Thoughts Cannot be brought to consciousness?
28.Data collection at a point of time?
Quantative data 29.collection method?
Partograph related question.
30.Improve performance of employees is done by?  pert analysis
31.Ut’s in rajya sabha? 245
32.Red fort location? New Delhi
33.Kolkata is at the bank of? Hoogly
34.Incentive learning theory was given by? Clark Hull
35.Father of psychoanalysis? Sigmund Freud
36.Therapy for making an individual understand his behaviour?
37.Oscillation ?
38.Couple in reproductive age group?
39.Own skin graft i/c/o burns is ?
40.Heart shaped pelvis?
41.Valsalam forceps is used for?
42.Surfactant is made up of?
43.Mucus contains which protein? Ans is mucin
44.Biopsy taken from pleural space?
45.Formula for kinetic energy?1/2 mv2
45.Thickest layer of uterus?
46.Excessive vomiting during pregnancy?
47.Wt. gain per day in a neonate?
48.Glycogen into glucose process is? Glycogenesis
49.Covering of brain and spinal cord?
50First memstrual bleeding is?
51.Question on trains…
53.Girl facing east turns 45° clockwise then 135° anticlockwise… direction she is facing now?
Certain no. Divided by 385 leaves reminder 54 if it is devided by 55 then reminder will be?

Comment the question from your shift if you remember or mail us [email protected]

RRB Staff Nurse Cut Off

General Awareness: 10 Marks

Current affairs (National & International),  Environmental issues concerning India and the World, General scientific and technological developments

General Arithmetic, General Intelligence and Reasoning: 10 Marks

Arithmetic Skills – Averages, Percentages, Number systems, Ratio and Proportion, Time and Work, Time Speed and Distance, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Algebra

Reasoning – Series, Direction, Puzzles

General Science: 10 Marks

Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences

rrb staff nurse answer key


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