RRB Group D Question Paper 18 September 2018 2nd Shift in PDF

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RRB Group D Question Paper 18 September 2018 2nd Shift

Railway Recruitment Board RRB conducting RRB Group D in the month of September 2018 from September 9th to October 31st, 2018 and each day RRB conducting three slots. Candidates can download the Railways RRB Group D Slot Wise Questions Asked in the prelims examination. As per RRB Group D exam pattern, the RRB Group D Exam consists of 100 questions in English, Hindi, and other languages, with these 75 questions candidates can complete the exam within 100 minutes (1 and half hour) and PWD candidate has added additional minutes as per reservation.

RRB Group D Examination 

  • Number of Questions in RRB Group D Exam: 100 Questions.
  • Time Allotted for RRB AP Exam: 90 minutes 
  • Types of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).
  • Negative Marking: 1/3rd for every incorrect answer.
Section No.of Questions
Mathematics 25
GI & Reasoning 30
General Science 25
General Awareness and Current Affairs 20

RRB Group D Question Paper 18 September

  • Which is the dirtiest Railway Station in India?
  • Who is the founder of Paytm?
  • The capital of Mauritius?
  • The host of the Big boss 11
  • When was Goa captured by Portuguese?
  • Who got the British Parliamentary Award
  • Haridwar is placed on which river bank
  • Who is the brand Ambassador of Road Safety Campaign
  • Who is the brand Ambassador of Punjab National Bank
  • Who got FIFA Golden Boot Award 2018?
  • Who got the award for NABARD Award?
  • Who got Rajiv Gandhi “Sadbhawana Award”?
  • Who got the PC Chandra Award?
  • Who is the author of “I do what I do”?
  • RRB Group D Question 18th Sept. Shift 1

    • The molecular mass of Oxygen – 16
    • What is the Full form the LPG? – Liquefied Petroleum GAs
    • Who found Modern Periodic Table – Moseley
    • Where is insulin produced in the human body? – Pancreas
    • The smallest bone in the body
    • What is Ohm’s Law?
    • When P= 480, M = 6 kg, g = 10m/s2, find the height.- 8m
    • What is the pH value of Wine? 3.4-3.8
    • Who discovered Hydrogen?
    • Fleming’s Rule
    • Periodic Table – 4 questions
    • Questions on Valence Electrons
    • Questions on Atomic number
  • RRB Group D Exam Analysis 18th Sept. Shift 2 – Mathematics

    • How many whole numbers are there in factors of 256?
    • Which is the biggest 4 digit number divisible by 14?
    • Find the largest fraction among 3/4, 5/8, 7/9, 1/2?
    • 3 questions from Trigonometry
    • Questions on Ratio and Proportion
    • 2 questions from Time and Work
    • 2-3 questions form Profit and Loss

    RRB Group D 18th Sept. Shift 2 – General Intelligence and Reasoning

    • What is the minimum gap between leap years? – 4 years
    • Alphabet series – E H K N ?- Q
    • Age-Based Question: Age of R:S is 3:4. If R+S= 84, Find their individual Age.
    • Blood Relation questions
    • What will be the water image of 11:30?
    • Questions on Analogy: CLOUD : XOLFW:: SMILE: ?- HNROV
    • Venn Diagram ( 2 questions): Electronics, Computer,Mobile


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