Secrets of Successful Math Examination In High School

sucessful maths

A good result can be achieved by solving problems correctly and skillfully calculating the time they will be performed. We have prepared eight tips to help you use while preparing for exams and tell you how not to get lost during testing.

1. Restore and structure knowledge

If a few days are left before testing, students need to gather strength. Prospective entrants should remember that 80% of the tasks are simple one- or two-step tasks in any test, including math exams. It is necessary to organize time for the systematization of knowledge competently. If shelves sort your knowledge, it will be easy for you to use it during testing. I recommend repeating what students have studied in previous academic years to do this. Use express compilations book to repeat.

Structuring knowledge is one of the essential tips, and you can use it also later during research for coursework or preparing for any course.

2. Trial tests: evaluate the possibilities and form the right tactics

Try writing a mock test. Set a timer and measure how much time is spent on each type of task – with open and closed answer forms. In this way, the student will develop the right personal strategy for writing the work. First, we solve easy problems separately, and then, if there is time, we solve them again, despite the previous solution. If the answers match – there are no errors in the calculations.

If the student has carefully prepared for the test during the year, the first test should be written before the New Year, the second – in March, and another – closer to the main exam if the child is more likely to try to take the test online at home.

3. Carefully reread the conditions before answering

It has been proven that most mistakes children make when performing arithmetic calculations or incorrectly reading the conditions of the problem. Therefore, think about the essence of the task, and read its condition several times before answering.

4. No tutor? Prepare with classmates

If the student is not preparing for a math test with a tutor, encourage him to create a “math group” with classmates, in which they will find algebra solution together, share answers and explain difficult points to each other. Even if you have high school probability problems, it is not the reason to panic or even hire a tutor. If you have algebra problems, the material will be easier to learn in the team, and the quality of students’ knowledge will improve if they will help with algebra with each other. The principle is: “Explain the task to a classmate – learn better.”

Long breaks can be used for “math circle” meetings. The teacher should help organize a group meeting after the last lesson in the library and take an active part in answering questions and working with children together.

5. To concentrate – pause for 3-5 minutes during testing

Directly during the test, I recommend that children adhere to the time frame they are accustomed to working. Therefore, I advise you to work for 30 minutes during the test, relax, and pause for 3-5 minutes. After that – concentrate again and start working on the next block of tasks. This will help better concentration. We also recommend that students not dwell on one task for a long time. If you can’t solve something, go to others and return to it if you have time. When a child loses time, the “machine” begins to worry and panic, respectively, the result will not be better.

6. Try not to make common mistakes

Leaders among the typical mistakes of students during the math test – the student did not read the condition of the problem or misunderstood it. Calculation errors: especially when working with negative values ​​and not giving a “minus “. Error when the student did not consider the range of permissible values ​​when solving equations, systems of equations, and inequalities and accepted one of the solutions that do not satisfy the range of allowable values. The most unpleasant mistake – students incorrectly transfer the answers to the form.

7. Use tricks

Angles with 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135, and 150 degrees are usually used in trigonometry or geometry problems.

When working with test tasks with one correct answer, it is advisable not to solve the problem but choose the correct answer from the proposed ones. You can substitute the answer options in the test condition and select the one that satisfies the requirement.

You can find the number that is its root without solving the equation by substituting the answer options in this equation.

When children work with open-ended answers in the first part of the test, there are questions in which 2-3 answers are impossible. Therefore, you can not solve the problem and choose from the options provided the most likely. You can substitute the root of the equation, the number from the interval and choose the correct answer without solving the inequality or equation. If you explain this tip to somebody, you will be the hero of his story for sure!

There are tasks that any student can do in any test preparing for a math test because it requires only basic education.

8. Memorize formulas

The student will not pass the external examination qualitatively without knowing the formulas. I teach my students not to memorize formulas but to understand and deduce. To make it easier to remember, I advise children to create their folder guide with formulas. It’s better to memorize formulas and then use formulas all the time. Dedicate the last day before testing to repeating the formulas from the guide. Must know:

  • formulas for finding the areas of geometric figures
  • formulas of abbreviated multiplication
  • formulas of radii of inscribed and described circles of regular figures and a multifaceted triangle
  • theorems of Pythagoras, Thales, sines, and cosines
  • the result of the sine theorem


Even the best strategies will only be effective if students are motivated to use them properly. But it is worth getting acquainted with all of them to be able to apply them at the right time, so in the following blogs, we will talk about promising and effective learning strategies. All these tips can be helpful even after graduation from high school in college or university.

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