English Test Online Quiz #6 Attempt for Competitive Exams

english test online

English Test Online

Those who are preparing for the online English examination (test-based) for various competitive examinations, they can attempt and practice the English test online.

Q1. They never expected to have any more.

Choose the part of speech of the word, ‘never’.

  1. pronoun
  2. conjunction
  3. an adverb
  4. an adjective

an adverb


“ I’ll catch you in a minute ”, replied Seema.

Choose the correct reported speech of the sentence.

  1. Seema said to that she will catch you in a minute
  2. Seema says that she would catch him in a minute
  3. Seema replied that she would catch him in a minute
  4. Seema told that she will catch you in a minute.

Seema replied that she would catch him in a minute

Q3. Choose the list of words in the correct alphabetical order.

  1. property, properly, proper, properate
  2. proper, properate, property, properly
  3. proper, properate, property, properly
  4. properate, properly, property, proper

proper, properate, property, properly

Q4. The Bonsai tree can’t even withstand a small dust storm or squall. Choose the meaning of the word ‘squall’.

  1. a piece of cloth
  2. a long stick
  3. a strong wind
  4. a heavy rain
  1. a strong wind

Q5. Choose the word with a suffix.

  1. promise
  2. hurriedly
  3. spread
  4. leave


Q6. Rambabu is ……………. English teacher in a high school.

Choose the correct article that fits the blank.

  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. No article needed


Q7. Dad says, “I know a little. There are about six hundred islands. They are located between India’s coast and Myanmar.

Choose the word in the sentence that should contain an apostrophe.

  1. Indias
  2. there are
  3. They are
  4. islands
  1. Indias

Q8. I’ve grown old and feeble.

Choose the meaning of the word ‘feeble’.

  1. speaking quietly
  2. charming
  3. active
  4. lacking strength

lacking strength

Q9. “Let me sleep in the hall, Father,” Swami pleaded.

Choose the synonym of the word ‘pleaded’.

  1. requested
  2. moved
  3. shouted
  4. ordered



Even though my husband had a good job, I took up one as well.’

Choose the meaning of the phrasal verb ‘took up”.

  1. offered
  2. started doing
  3. managed
  4. brought

started doing

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