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best chatgpt app for iphone

Best ChatGPT App for iPhone: Nowadays, ChatGPT has rolled out across the globe and standardized for free and paid services in terms of usage, where it has minimized human effort and gives more predictivity in regular office work. Based on using the chat GPT apps for the iPhone operating systems (OS). This is an important step for those looking for ChatGPT apps for iPhone users.

Many ChatGPT Apps are available for iPhone, but Best ChatGPT App for iPhone is shortlisted on this page for the user’s reference purpose. A limited edition of charge apps is available in the market, which you have to use for iPhone users.

Best ChatGPT App for iPhone

Let’s look at what kinds of apps are available for the iPhone for regular usage. We have listed the number of shortlisted apps and introduced their use. We have listed the top 5 ChatGPT apps for iOS availability; check these available apps (free and premium services are available).

We suggest the user, try all these five (5) apps, monitor every feature and compare them all and try to fix them with one (1) iOS app and start using it further (which is as per requirement).

  • Genie app for iPhone.
  • ChatOn app for iPhone.
  • AI Chat app for iPhone.
  • Perplexity app for iPhone.
  • Chat with Ask AI app for iPhone.

Every app has certain features and usage, we will compare the complete ChatGPT apps and try to figure out for best one for the usage, and also we suggest the most usage frequently used apps.

Genie App for iPhone

Genie ChatGPT apps s mainly designed for ChatGPT basic and GPT – 4, which is available for both iOS OD including iPAD.


  • Connected to original ChatGPT Power AI
  • Powered by ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3.
  • Best for writing stories, essays, tweets design, and other major works.
  • Available for – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac.

App Details

  • App Size – 74.8 MB
  • App Language – English
  • Age Rating – 9+
  • App Price – Free
  • Compatibility – iOS 13.0 or later
  • Premium App Price – $5.99 (Weekly) and $44.99 (yearly)

Genie iOS App Download Link

ChatOn app for iPhone

ChatOn iOS app is designed for AI writers in short and long stories and virtual companion purposes. What is listed in the productivity category.

ChatOn app is mainly focused on personal AI assistance, and unlimited access is facilitated for users using ChatGPT free and plus subscription plans; this is the best alternative and usable app for them.


  • AI Writing Assistant
  • Grammar and Spelling Assistant.
  • Content Rewriter.
  • Text Summarizer
  • Social media post booster.
  • Chat AI Partner.


  • App Size – 32.9 MB
  • Age Rating- 4+
  • Premium Plan – $6.99 monthly and $49.99 annual plan.
  • Best for iPhone, iPod Touch.

ChatOn iPhone App Download Link

AI Chat app for iPhone

AI Chatbot iOS app is designed to scan the text and automate Ai generate information. Mainly designed for iPad and iPhone users.


  • Scan Image to text.
  • Eassay Writer
  • Homework Answer
  • Math Solver
  • Code explanation


  • App Size – 51.6 MB
  • Age Rating- 4+
  • Premium Plan – $8.99 monthly and $69.99 annual plan.
  • Best for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac

AI Chat iPhone App Download Link

Perplexity App for iPhone

Perplexity iOS app is designed for AI answers search for iPhone usage,


  • Search discovery.
  • Best suitable for research.
  • Power AI and code sources.
  • Everyday life questions and answers.
  • Everyday new trend questions and answers.


  • App Size – 5 MB
  • Age Rating- 12+
  • No Premium Plan. App available for Free usage.
  • Best for iPhone and Mac.

Perplexity iPhone App Download Link

Chat with Ask AI app for iPhone

Chat with Ask AI app is available for ChatGPT, and GPT 4 usage, is mainly designed for iPhone users.


  • Stories, Peoms, Song Lyrics, and Scripts.
  • Language practice.
  • Food recipes
  • Dad Jokes.
  • Trip Plans
  • Code and maths questions.


  • App Size – 86.8 MB
  • Age Rating- 12+
  • Premium Plan – $4.99 monthly plan, $44.99 annual plan, and $69.99 lifetime plan.
  • Best for iPhone and Mac.

Chat with Ask AI iPhone App Download Link

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