Telangana Police PET Venues Borderline Disqualifications


TS Police PET Information: Telangana State police released official information on who is seeking the resolving any borderline disqualifications can able to attend the designated time on the specified day for the resolution of their queries and doubts.

Candidates will receive an SMS or Email from TS Police recruitment team for second chance who missed in second’s can avail a second chance for PET test again.

Note: Those who received or going to receive a response from the recruitment team, those candidates are eligible for a second chance.

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TS Police Constable Online Tests in Telugu

Telangana Police Qisqualified Info

Official Readings

800 metres Run – 170 Seconds for Non-Ex-Serviceman / 200 Seconds for Ex-Serviceman rounded to zero decimal places; (e.g.: 170.0001 to 170.4999 Seconds rounded to 170 Seconds for Non-Ex-Serviceman, 200.0001 to 200.4999 Seconds rounded as 200 Seconds for Ex-Serviceman)

100 metres Run – 15 Seconds (Non-Ex-Serviceman) / 16.5 Seconds (Ex-Serviceman) / 20 Seconds (Women) rounded to two decimal places; (e.g.: 15.0001 to 15.0049 Seconds rounded as 15.00 Seconds for Non-Ex-Serviceman, 16.5001 to 16.5049 Seconds rounded as 16.50 Seconds for Ex-Serviceman, 20.0001 to 20.0049 Seconds rounded as 20.00 Seconds for Women)

Field Events –Readings of all Categories taken in Metres rounded to two decimal places

The official information was shared by Telangana Police recruitment team if candidates have any questions on borderline but in stipulated time but still disqualified, those candidates have to visit the PET location on a specific time shared by police officials after request.

TS Police Events Questions

Name of the AuthorityTS Police Recruitment Team
Name of the PostPC and SI Posts
TS PET EventsUndergoing (In process)
TS Police Recruitment QuestionsBorderline Disqualifications

TS-SI Online Test Telugu

TS Police Constable Online Tests in Telugu

Official Information

Certain Candidates whose presence is required at the PET Venues, in the process of disposing of their petitions or in resolving any borderline disqualifications, are being sent individual messages. They may attend at the designated time on the specified day and get the issue/s resolved.New

Those who received messages from TS Police recruitment team on questionaries on borderline disqualifications have to check once again the what exact reason for  disqualifications

If candidates have any questions on borderline disqualifications can use the below comment box to discuss with other PET attendees.


  1. How is possible to 2 exams 1 event ? It’s any were India sir it’s my humble request quation. Please anthor chance to PET test. Only who qualified 2 exams SI and PC .. please consider my humble request sir… 2 exams qualified students are loose their 2 exams of 1 short 2 birds sir

  2. I completed 800 meter in 170.05 seconds.
    Sir even though we can’t find out this time in stopwatch (0.05 sec). But I disqualified.
    Sir please give one more chance for me and others who are disqualified with in a variation of 1 second.
    Pls sir.
    Because of RFID so many are disqualified within small variations.
    Sir pls give one more chance. It’s our humble request Sir.

  3. Sir I am gopi nenu poina recruitment ki marit sir but esari health problem valla events poyayi okkasare chanse evvara sir plzzzzzzz

  4. sir i can complete my 800 in 165secnds but due to crowd of 40members at a time and the candidates who cant complete 800 have been walking on the track without giving side to the runners becuz of them i have lost my 800…..plz its my humble reqest give me one chance to prove my self……nd i had qualified in both si nd conistable

    • Hi Sanjay,
      Sorry to know this. You should call the Recruitment Team immediately ( on the next working day ) and tell them, ” this happened with me”. As per the above information, the recruitment team will review your performance once again with help of current technology in 800 meters run. Based on that recruitment team will decide for the second chance. Contact then via call and mail (any).

  5. Those who have a questions on 800 meter run, use below numbers for clarifications and chance:
    HELPLINE PHONE NUMBERS 9393711110, 9391005006 HELPLINE TIMINGS 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    (Excluding Sundays and Public Holidays)

  6. Hi sir… Good morning.
    I have completed my 800 meters & Long jump.
    I have qualified both. Then in the long jump my hand got dislocated immediately they have sent me to hospital in the ambulance.
    If I do the short put. I will qualify in both sides and constable.
    Please give me the chance sir please sir plzzzz.

  7. Hi sir…
    I have completed my 800 meters and long jump both I have qualified…in the long jump my hand got dislocated…After I got injured..i said that i will short put and I will go to hospital I said to sir… They have said that we will give you the time just go to the hospital they said….
    Now what I have to do sir……
    Plz help me sir.
    Mail id: [email protected]
    Mobile no: 9490897026

  8. Hi sir good morning….
    I have completed 800 meters and long jump..
    I have qualified in both then after i have got injured in long jump my hand got dislocated….
    Then also i said to the sir i will do the short put and then i will go the hospital i said they didn’t lizen to me tge have sent to the hospital in the ambulance…. By saying that they will give u the chance for short put…. They convinced me…..
    If i do the short put i will qualify in both si & constable sir…
    What i have to do plz help me sir
    Mobile no:9490897026
    Mail id: [email protected]

  9. Hi sir,
    I am Renuka, my events mark is 20.31, I am qualified in shorput and didn’t attempt long jump, is there any chance sir, kindly reply me sir, this is my last chance and my dream job and I love police job,

  10. Hi my 100m run timing is 20.03 seconds..I didn’t get any msg or mail till information is updated in tslprb web site.. how can I know the information about event date and venue..No help line is lifting the call for help


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