AP Grama Sachivalayam Salary 2023 సచివాలయం జీతాలు Pay Scale Pay Slip

ap grama sachivalayam salary

AP Grama Sachivalayam Salary: Andhra Pradesh AP Grama Sachivalayam notification is scheduled to release earlier in January month, Candidates can check the details of the Sachivalayam Salary information in the below tabular form. A total of 10 Posts are included in the Sachivalayam Jobs category. The Sachivalayam Salary is varied as per the post wise.

Check the detailed information on Sachivalayam’s salary in 2023 as per the post wise and district wise posting information, and Sachivalayam’s Career is scheduled and given for reference.

గ్రామా సచివాలయం జీతాలు

Ap Grama Sachivalayam salary is not yet confirmed by the official recruitment team; the salary levels are granted as per the post wise. As we know, 11 posts are in the Sachivalayam notification. Candidates may check the salaries as per the post wise.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Salary

Selected candidates are paid Rs.15,000/- monthly for 2 years as in the probation period. after the probation period, salaried are revised as per the below rules and norms.

  • GO number 110 Panchayat Raj and Rural Development (MDL-1) dated 19.07.2019 and GO 217 MA &UD (UBS) dated 20.07.2019.
  • The salaries are as per RPS 2015.

Grama Sachivalayam Salary After 2 Years

The Sachivalayam salaries after 2 years will be as per the below tabular form. The Grama Sachivalayam salary release date is based on the district wise Commission. The grama Sachivalayam employee’s salary.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Pay Scale

For the Grama Sachivalayam salary scale, the complete details for the Salary as per the post wise are listed in the below tabular form for the candidate’s quick reference.

Post NameSachivalayam Salary
AP Panchayat Secretary SalaryRs. 15,030 – Rs.46,060/-
AP Village Revenue Officer VRO SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP ANM SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Animal Husbandry Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Village Fisheries Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Village Horticulture Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Village Agriculture Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Village Sericulture Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Mahila Police and Women & Child Welfare Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Engineering Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Digital Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Village Surveyor SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Welfare and Education Assistant SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Ward Administrative Secretary SalaryRs.15,030 – Rs.46,060/-
AP Ward Amenities Secretary SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Ward Sanitation & Environment Secretary SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Ward Planning & Regulation Secretary SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-
AP Ward welfare & Development secretary SalaryRs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/-

Sachivalayam Employees Salary

The grama Sachivalayam employee salary is already added to the above list; candidates should check out the detailed salary information as per the Sachivalayam post wise.

Sachivalayam employee’s salary is varied as per the post wise, check which post you are looking for, and the detailed salary basic norms (initial salary details are placed in the tabular form). Sachivalayam employees’ pay slip and other job salary details will be listed for more info purposes.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Salary Quora

Sachivalayam’s salary is based on the job; those selected for the Sachivalayam job then verify the previous payslip, which is given by the Sachivalayam previous employment slip.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Payslip

Scale Pay: 15,030 – 46,060





Grama Ward Sachivalayam Salary Calculator

If you are looking for the Sachivalayam calculator, then here is the detailed information for salary calculation, these are consisted of;

  • DA
  • PA
  • HRA
  • TA
  • Medical Insurance
  • Provident Fund (PF)
  • Yearly Bonus (Mostly Deepavali)
  • Leaves (Asper available per employee)
  • Low pressure in a work culture/atmosphere.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Salary Structure

Gross Pay: 22,270

APGIL = AP Govt Insurance

EHS = Employee Health Scheme

CPS = Contribution Pension Scheme

PT = Professional Tax

Sachivalayam Salary Example;

Energy Assistants Post Salary Details: Rs.15,585/- to Rs.25,200/- (15585 – 305 – 16500 – 445 –18725 – 580 – 21625 – 715 –25200).

అభ్యర్థులకు ఏమైనా సందేహాలు ఉన్నచో కింద ఇవ్వబడిన కామెంట్ బాక్స్ లో comment చేయగలరు.

Digital Assistant Promotions in Grama Sachivalayam

A Digital Assistant’s salary starts at Rs. 14,600 – Rs.44,870/- per month, and its promotions are as per the below analysis;

Digital Assistant -> Senior Digital Assistant -> Digital Administrative -> Field Work Assistant -> Head of the Digitalised Department -> Manager in Field Computer work in Digilised departmental work.

Digital assistant Roles

digital assistants have to pull meaningful data and arrange it in suitable paragraphs with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and process it for easy understanding.

Sachivalayam Salary Calculator

If you are looking for the AP Sachivalayam salary calculator or pay scale prediction calculator, then there is NO such tool is available. Candidates have to check every single job notification for job wise salary and pay matrix (Pay scale) information. Complete tools are not availed, and no separate tools are available.

Sachivalayam Salary Chart

For any job in the Sachiavalayam, candidates may not hurry about the salary chart. The chart info is not required and not essential for salary verification before joining the Sachiavlayam salaries, because salaries are reasonably paid by the AP Govt.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Promotion Chart

Training -> Regular Jobs (24 Months) -> Revised to Senior Position -> Mandal Level Post Officer -> Senior Post (Managerial post)

Day by day job market is going to worst, so Sachivalayam jobs are far better than outside private jobs, job security is available and a timely salary is credited to a bank account. So if you got a Sachivalayam job, then no need to check the salary chart, just joined the Sachivalaym jobs and enjoy the work with the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Sachivalayam Employees salary after 2 years?

The Salary will be revised for the existing employee o Sachivalayam after 24 months of continuous work under the same role.

Promotions for engineering assistant in grama Sachivalayam?

For Engineering Assistant, the promotion is based on the performance of the candidate’s work during the first initial 2 years.

AP grama Sachivalayam Employees details?

Grama Sachivalayam employee details are available on the Govt official websites; logins will be shared for every Govt employee, which is confidential.

AP grama sachivalayam jobs are permanent or not?

Initially, these jobs are contracts but upon requirement, these jobs are reconverted into permanent ones.

Are Sachivalayam jobs good?

Yes, Sachivalayam jobs are far better than other Govt jobs in the AP state. Sachivalayam jobs are less work pressure and timely salary, Permanent posts.

Salary of Sachivalayam jobs?

Sachivalayam’s salary details are posted on this page for the candidates’ reference purposes, If still unable to recollect the expected range of info on this page, try to check the official notification for a better understanding.


    • Hi KSR,

      As per the post wise certificates: Qualification certificates including bonafide, caste, Residence, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Ration card (If applicable), Passport size photos.

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  1. Panchayat secretary and women police post ki degree vunty Chala sir .two post ki eom certificate kavali. Algay notification date eppudu start Aedi chapadi sir

  2. hai mam i am ravikiran i completed degree can i applied on degree basis posts in ap Grama sachivalayam but i confused which post applied can u tell me and send the material by pdf for preparing this sachivalayam posts

  3. Hai Mam this is ravikiran i completed degree but i confused on degree basis posts in AP Grama sachivalayam posts which post can i apply can u guide me and material also provide me

    • You can fill the one application for multiple posts as per degree qualification. Go for Survey Assistant / సర్వే అసిస్టెంట్ or Digital Assistant / డిజిటల్ అసిస్టెంట్ or Welfare Assistant / వెల్ఫేర్ అసిస్టెంట్
      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  4. Sir i am selected to railway groupd track maintner post. Which post is better railway groupd track maintner Or gramasachavalayam digital assistant post plz tell me sir

    • Ravi,

      See, the current situation is you’re not selected for Digital Assistant right. If you’ve two offers in your hand, then you can make a choice, which is better. You already selected for Group D (Central Govt Job and permanent & less work) post, go for it.

      Digital Assistant job is good but you’re not yet selected right. So, both jobs are better. Choose wisely and discuss with your guide/expert/well-known person then proceed.

      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  5. I am working as ward education and Data Processing Secretary from November, but still no salaries, when can we get salaries

  6. Respected Sir/Madam,

    Are the candidates having BiPC (Normal & Regular) group in intermediate eligible for Animal Husbandry Assistant post in sachivalayam jobs as per the recent news?

    Please let us know. Thank you.

  7. These job recrutments are being implemented by the present govt .Will these jobs be permanent even if the government changes.what if the govt changes and doesnot want these posts anymore.

  8. Yes, there will b exam for those who appointed In grama sachivalayam. But no clarity that this is for to make employees permanent or for promotions


  9. Hi sir
    I am newly recruited in grama ward sachivalayam as secretary
    I am working from Dec 24th
    For me salary not credited
    I will give request letter to concern
    Department about my salary
    Please guide me to consult concern
    department thank you sir

  10. Energy Assistant (junior linemen grade -2 salary 15000 to 25000 ani ., ye source prakaram chepthunnaru miru ??,. APSPDCL nunchi em Aina information vachinda?..,and Energy Assistant s yevariki kuda pay scale appointment order lo ivaledu.,and also notification lo kuda ivaledu…,I think 29000 salary anukunta after 2 years Energy Assistant s ki.

  11. AP govt outsourcing in municipality / sachivalayam department can be expected as stable/ permanent jobs once appointed.
    For role of computer operator as it’s not admin side post will that jobs removed if present govt changes or not required???
    Pls advice the salary details.

  12. Hi Mam,
    Sachivalayam lo Malli jobs notification vastundi antinnaru edi nijamena vaste eppudu ravachu antaru . Malli enni jobs release chestaru aa .

  13. Hi Mam,
    Sachivalayam lo Malli jobs notification vastundi antunnaru edi nijamena vaste eppudu ravachu antaru . Malli enni jobs release chestaru .


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