RRB Group D Question Paper 26 September 2018 1st Shift in PDF

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RRB Group D Question Paper 26 September 2018 1st Shift

Railway Recruitment Board RRB conducting RRB Group D in the month of September 2018 from September 9th to October 31st, 2018 and each day RRB conducting three slots. Candidates can download the Railways RRB Group D Slot Wise Questions Asked in the prelims examination. As per RRB Group D exam pattern, the RRB Group D Exam consists of 100 questions in English, Hindi, and other languages, with these 75 questions candidates can complete the exam within 100 minutes (1 and half hour) and PWD candidate has added additional minutes as per reservation.

RRB Group D 26 september 2018 Examination 

  • Number of Questions in RRB Group D Exam: 100 Questions.
  • Time Allotted for RRB AP Exam: 90 minutes 
  • Types of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).
  • Negative Marking: 1/3rd for every incorrect answer.
Section No.of Questions
Mathematics 25
GI & Reasoning 30
General Science 25
General Awareness and Current Affairs 20


Important for RRB Group D Candidates

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RRB Group D Question Paper 26 September 2018

  • Where is Victoria Hall?
  • Youngest Indian woman to climb Mount Everest
  • Pin code of UP
  • What does the picture of Mangalyaan on the 2000 rupee note symbolize?
  • DMK and AIDMK is ruling which state?/li>
  • Capital of Argentina
  • Best Actor of IIFA 2017
  • Capital of Myanmar
  • Sports Minister of India
  • Chief Minister of Telangana
  • Chairman of GST Council
  • Brand Ambassador of Fiji from India
  • Who got the 64th National Film Award?
  • Peace Index of India
  • Which news channel got the best channel award in 2017?
  • RRB Group D Question 26th September Shift 1

    • Biggest animal
    • Which hormone does ovary release?
    • Where does digestion of protein occur?
    • ZnSO4 + Cu -> _ What reaction will occur?
    • How many elements are there in the Group 18 of Periodic Table?
    • How to eliminate acidity of the stomach?
    • How many chromosomes are there in a male human?
    • The radius of Hydrogen?
    • In which of the Group 18 elements, 8 electrons in the outermost shell is not present?
    • Where is Vitamin A found in the most quantity?
    • Formula of alkene
    • Group 17 elements
    • What is used to form Aqua Regia?
    • Formula of lens
  • RRB Group D Exam Analysis 26th September 2018 Shift 1 – Mathematics

    • 220 – [1/3 of {42 + 56 – 8 + 9(bar over this digit))} + 108]
    • A does a task in 7.2 days. B does the task in 10 days. In how many days, 5/6th of the task will be done by both of them together?
    • A:B = 2:3, B:C = 5:7, A:B:C = ?
    • A pipe fills a tank in 4 hours. There is a hole in the pipe because of which the pipe fills the tank in 5 hours. In how much time, the tank will be emptied if the pipe is removed?
    • Sum of ages of A, B, C is 90 years. Before 6 years, the ratio of an age of A, B, C is 1:2:3. What is the age of C?

    RRB Group D 26th September 2018 Shift 1 – General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • Blood Relations 1Qs
  • Syllogism – 3Qs
  • calendar
  • Venn Diagram
  • Numeric Series
  • Mirror Image 1Qs
  • Coding Decoding
  • Figure Counting 1Qs

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Important for RRB Group D Candidates


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