Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) conducting Forest officers exams in state after Telangana formation (FBO FRO FSO) in the month of October or November 2017 based on the availability of dates and invigilators and the complete TSPSC FOrest officers recruitment authority working under Chairman of TSPSC Ghanta Chakrapani. The nature of duties of each forest officer is discussing in below as in details.

Abbreviation in Details:

  • FBO: Forest Beat Officer
  • FSO: Forest Section Officer
  • FRO: Forest Range Officers

Above three Telangana forest government posts in orders, please follow the below tabular for more details.

Name of Post Nature of Duty Salary Per Month Area of Work
Forest Beat Officer Review Forest Area Rs. 16, 400/- in Forest
Forest Section Officer Review and Incharge of Forest Rs. 21,230/- in Forest & Office
Forest Range Offier Forest Execution work Rs.31, 460/- In Office


  • Lower Lever: Forest Beat Officer
  • Middle Level: Forest Section Officer
  • High Level: Forest Range Officer

As per levels of examinations, the salaries also reasonable as per post type.



  • FBO should aware of his/her beat area, where FBO should work under these beat area only.
  • FBO Should protect the forest from fire or any other natural causes.
  • FBO should protect the forest from smugglers and others key tree thieves.
  • FBO should send the signs to the officer, if any unknown causes happen.
  • FBO should work under FRO and FSO and also FBO should work assigned work and tasks from Superior like FSO and FRO.
  • Day wise submission of reports to FRO and FSO and even weekly or monthly in both electronically (softcopy) and hard copy (by hand).


  • FRO should responsible for the range of his/her duties.
  • Responsible for excution of work within the range of forest area.
  • FRO should work under superior and inspect the FBO work and duties.
  • Need to maintain the records and plans for work (workplan and day by day duties)
  • FRO should assign the work and task to FBO officer and others who work under FRO.
  • If anybody misconduct or misleading nature of duties, FRO can report to higher level for imeediate action.
  • FRO should maintain the complete account of work and should submit monthly to higher level.


  • FSO work similor to FRO but there is a limit in the serious actions and important task to be taken under control.
  • FSO should work under FRO and higher level 
  • Day to day reports submitted to higher level throgth the electronically (Softcopy).
  • Maitain the complete accounts and records for subordinate duties and work
  • Review of forest area bi-monthly once.

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