Social Intelligence Problems – SSC CHSL CGL and Bank Exams

Social Inteligence - examdays

Social Intelligence is an awareness of social society around us and reading of humans mentality by looking at them or observing their mental abilities, How SSC CHSL ask questions on this type of concepts, SSC mainly tests your social mentality on this society.

Examples of Social Intelligence:

  • I immediately know when I become angry.
  • I see the problem someone faces from his point of view.
  • I easily empathize with others when I listen to their issues
  • I rarely lose my temper when dealing with difficult people.
  • I don’t get annoyed with difficult people.

 social intelligence

Pic Credits: TRACOM Group

The candidate has preferred the positive type of answers for this questions and you may become cross this kind of scenarios in the exam,  totally, it tests your brain “How the candidate is thinking” to answer social type of questions.

You cannot expect, what kind of questions are in SSC CHSL, Just aware of social things and human mentality.

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