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how many feet in a meter

How Many Feet in a Meter: Today, we will look at converting meters to feet. Both are units of length. The meter is the base unit in the International System of Units and is equal to the distance light travels in the vacuum in 1/299,792,458 seconds. A foot (plural: feet) is an imperial unit derived from the length of a human foot. 

You may have noticed that I use the spelling ‘meter’. Many people have written over the years that I was misspelling the unit by adopting ‘meter’ as the default spelling in many of my converters and articles. In the UK, the term ‘meter’ is generally used to describe a device that measures the flow of electricity, gas, water, etc.

How Many Feet in a Meter

However, when it comes to the unit, there are two spellings for the meter – the international spelling of ‘meter’ and the US spelling of ‘meter’. 

What is Meter?

Meter is base unit for measuring length and distance under the International System of Units or SI. The abbreviation used for meters is 'm'. It is the distance light travels at a speed of 1/299 792 458 per second. This was revised in the year 2019 to reflect some changes and amendments. 

What is Foot?

A foot is described as a unit of length measurement under the Imperial & United States Customary System. In 1959 a foot was defined as exactly 0.3048 meters. One foot is twelve inches, and 1 yard is 3 feet. The abbreviation used for the foot is 'ft'. 
There are 3.280839895 feet in a meter. (rounded to 9 decimal places)
1 meter = 3.280839895 feet 

Conversion of Meter to Feet

One meter is equal to 3.28084 feet.

(or) one meter is similar to 3.280839895 feet.

To convert meters into feet, multiply the given meter value by 3.28084 feet.

For example, 5 meters to feet is converted as follows:

To convert 5 meters to feet, multiply five by 3.28084.

(or) 5 meters = 5 × 3.28084 feet
5 meters = 16.4042 feet
Thus, 5 meters to feet equals approximately 16.4042 feet. 

Meters to Feet Conversion Table

In the chart below, feet figures are rounded to 4 decimal places, and feet and inch figures are rounded to 2 decimal places. For specific number conversions, please use the converter tool below this chart.
MetersFeetFeet and Inches
13.2808 ft3 ft, 3.37 in
26.5617 ft6 ft, 6.74 in
39.8425 ft9 ft, 10.11 in
413.1234 ft13 ft, 1.48 in
516.4042 ft16 ft, 4.85 in
619.685 ft19 ft, 8.22 in
722.9659 ft22 ft, 11.59 in
826.2467 ft26 ft, 2.96 in
929.5276 ft29 ft, 6.33 in
1032.8084 ft32 ft, 9.7 in

 Feet to Meters Conversion Chart

Feet (ft)Meters (m)
1 foot0.3048 meters
2 feet0.6096 meters
3 feet0.9144 meters
4 feet1.2192 meters
5 feet1.524 meters
6 feet1.8288 meters
7 feet2.1336 meters
8 feet2.4384 meters
9 feet2.7432 meters
10 feet3.048 meters
20 feet6.096 meters
30 feet9.144 meters
40 feet12.192 meters
50 feet15.24 meters
75 feet22.86 meters
100 feet30.48 meters
250 feet76.2 meters
500 feet152.4 meters
750 feet228.6 meters
1,000 feet304.8 meters
2,500 feet762 meters
5,000 feet1,524 meters
7,500 feet2,286 meters
10,000 feet3,048 meters
25,000 feet7,620 meters
50,000 feet15,240 meters
75,000 feet22,860 meters
100,000 feet30,480 meters
250,000 feet76,200 meters


One meter is equal to 3.28084 feet.

So whenever you want to convert meters to feet using your calculation, multiply your number of meters by 3.28084.

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