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Blood Relation Questions

Blood Relation Questions: In reasoning concepts, Blood relation is one of the main concept, where it asked 2 to 5 questions in every examination, candidates have to list this concept in the important list. Where the blood relation is a relationship with another person rather than by marriage.

The reasoning is also helped not only employment but also for entrance examinations like CAT, MAT, GATE, PSU examinations.

Blood Relation Questions

Name of the Main Subject Verbal Reasoning
Name of the Concept Blood Relation
How many marks expect in Exam 2 – 5 Marks
Important for Banking, SSC, Railway, IBPS, State PSU, and other important examinations.
Type of Questions Objective

Blood Relation Tricks #1

Blood Relation in Details Output
Father of grandfather or grandmother Great grandfather
Mother of grandfather or grandmother Great grandmother
Father of father or mother Grandfather
Mother of father or mother Grandmother
Wife of grandfather Grandmother
Husband of grandmother Grandfather
Father-in-law of father/mother Grandfather
Mother-in-law of father/mother Grandmother
Father’s father/mother only Father
Only daughter-in-law of father’s father/father’s mother Mother
Husband of mother Father
Wife of father Mother
Second wife of father Step mother
Brother of father Uncle
Brother of mother Maternal Uncle
Sister of father Aunt
Sister of mother Maternal Aunt
Husband of aunt Uncle
Wife of uncle Aunt
Son of grandfather/grandmother Father/Uncle
Daughter of father-in-law/mother-in-law of father Mother/Aunt
Father of wife/husband Father-in-law
Mother of wife/husband Mother-in-law
Children of the same parents Siblings

Blood Relation Tricks #2

Blood Relation in Details Output
Daughter of father or mother Sister
Son of the second wife of the father Stepbrother
Daughter of the second wife of the father Stepsister
Son/daughter of uncle/aunt Cousin
Brother of husband or wife Brother-in-law
Sister of husband or wife Sister-in-law
Husband of sister/sister-in-law Brother-in-law
Son of father Oneself/Brother
Mother of son/daughter Oneself/Wife
Father of daughter/son Oneself/husband
Son of son of grandmother/grandfather Brother/Oneself
Daughter of son of grandmother/grandfather Cousin/Oneself
Son of brother or sister Nephew
Daughter of brother/sister Niece
Grandson of father/mother Son/Nephew
Granddaughter of father/mother Daughter or Niece
Husband of daughter Son-in-law
Wife of brother/brother-in-law Sister-in-law
Wife of son Daughter-in-law
Son of son/Daughter Grandson
Daughter of son/Daughter Granddaughter
Son’s/Daughter’s grandson Great Grandson
Son’s/Daughter’s granddaughter Great grand daughter

Blood Relation Chart

Blood relation is a very easy concept, understand the concept with the help of below diagram.

  •  ‘+’ symbol is indicated as a Male/Boy Character
  • ‘-‘ symbol is indicated as a Female/Lady Character.
  • ‘<->’ two-sided arrow is called as wife and husband.
  • Down arrow consists of the next generation of family


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