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AAI Paper Held on 29 November 2018: Airport Authority of India AAI Recruitment 2018 has released a notification for the recruitment of Manager,  Jr Executive, and Junior Assistant vacancies for 2018 Financial year. Those Candidates who are eligible can apply AAI Recruitment 2018 Posts via online only. Before applying the post, the candidate has to check the below details for eligible for below given 3 types of posts.

AAI asked questions on Manager, Junior Executive, Junior Assistant & Senior Assistant posts for the 2018 year, all these posts AAI question paper will be updated in below in list wise, those who are seeking for AAI Asked questions and complete AAI Question Paper can check in below with details AAI questions and answers.

AAI Previous Cutoff Mark

AAI Examination Held on 30.11.2018 

  • AAI Examination was conducted online on 30.11.2018 as per AAI Exam Schedule on 3 shifts
  • For other examinations, candidates can check possible questions.
  • Online Exam will be conducted below posts as per schedule-wise.

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How many right answers you attempted today?
How many right answers you attempted today?
How many right answers you attempted today?

Overall Paper Review

  • Physics theoretical more if concepts clear you can solve more. Very few Numerical  Easy to Moderate
  • Quant (Aptitude) Time Taking Moderate
  • Maths Easy
  • Reasoning Easy
  • English Easy



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AAI JE Answer Key

AAI Paper Held on 30 November 2018 | AAI Question Paper on November 30, 2018, First Shift

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AAI JE ATC Physics

Optics  5Qs
Magnetism 3Qs
Modern Physics 3Qs
Atomic Structure 1 Qs
Laser 2Qs
Calculate the angle of refraction when ultrasound is incident at 18 degrees on a air to soft tissue boundary. The velocity of ultrasound in air is 0.330km/s in soft tissue is 1.54 km?


Numerical asked from
Matrices 3 Qs
Newton divide
Differential Equation 4 Qs

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How many right answers you attempted today?
How many right answers you attempted today?
How many right answers you attempted today?

Non-Tech Section

AAI JE ATC English

Synonyms – 3Qs
Antonyms – 2Qs
Sentence Improvement
Fill in the blanks
Error Detection – (2-3)Qs

Current Affairs 3Qs
Chairman of SEBI Ajay Tyagi
Who won Cricket world cup 2015 Australia
Elephant Caves Shiva
Painting of Warli Maharashtra
Simlipal National Park is situated in? – Odisha
Which Article related to Supreme Court 124
Loksabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan
Press freedom Index rank 138

AAI JE ATC Logical Reasoning

Number Series -2Qs
Alphabetical Order – 1Q

AAI Previous Cutoff Marks 

  • Aptitude Moderate
    1) 10 people started but 4 left and same work was completed in 50 days instead of 40 days. find no. of days after which 4 men left? 25 Days
    2) Two trains started towards each other from station A & B respectively. When they meet, after that they take 50 min and 3 hr 20 min respectively. speed of A is 72kmph. Find the speed of B in kmph?
    Profit & loss 2 Qs
    Compound Interest, Simple Interest – 2Qs
    Income Expenditure Lengthy
    Discount – 1Q
    Probability 3 Qs
    Time and Distance – 1Q
    Age 2Qs
    Relative Speed 2Qs
    Inverse Trignometry 2QsData Interpretation(Pie Chart) – 2Qs

Reasoning Easy

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How many right answers you attempted today?
How many right answers you attempted today?
How many right answers you attempted today?

AAI ATC Shift 2 Paper Analysis

AAI JE ATC Physics

  • Single slit experiment, fringe width narrow/broaden
  • Atomic structure 5Qs
  • Dielectrics 1Q
  • Double slit exp
  • Magnetic material 2Qs
  • Magnetism  3Qs
  • Interference  2Qs
  • Diffraction  3Qs
  • Relativity 2Qs
  • Polarization  2Qs


  • Differential equation  3Qs
  • Sets 3Qs
  • Partial diff equations  3Qs
  • Numerical methods – trapezoidal method
  • The system of linear equations 1Q(no solution)
  • Series convergence 5Qs
  • Application of differential: tangents, length
  • Properties of Complex number 1Q
  • Find the value of the product of eigen values?
  • Definite integrals  2Qs
  • Application of integral – volume, area
  • Derivative 2Qs
  • Limits  1Q

AAI JE ATC Analysis 30th November 2018 2 Shift Non-Technical Section

AAI JE ATC English

  • Active-passive  3Qs
  • Spot the error
  • Direct-indirect 3Qs
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Antonym and synonym 4Qs
  • Correct the sentences

AAI JE ATC Logical Reasoning

  • Arrangements
  • Number series  2Qs
  • Find the Odd one out 3Qs
  • Ordering and ranking
  • Analogy 2Qs
  • Alphabet series  3Qs
  • Blood relation
  • Calendar

AAI JE ATC Quantitative Aptitude

  • Time and work 3Qs
  • Speed and distance 2Qs
  • Irrational & rational 2Qs
  • DI – pie chart 1Q
  • Average 1Q
  • Simplification 2Qs
  • Profit and loss 3Qs
  • SI + Compound interest 1Q


  • CA 5Qs
  • How many fundamental duties in article 51A
  • Supreme court judge
  • President can pass the ordinance according to which article?
  • Awards hockey player Rajeev Khel Ratna award?
  • Madai is the festival of?


We Update All AAI Asked Questions and Complete AAI Question Paper as on November 30, 2018 date.

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AAI Cutoff Marks 

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