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VRO Salary In Telangana: Telangana Public Service Commission (TSPSC) is a recruitment source for the Village Revenue Officer (VRO) in Telangana State, If you are looking for the VRO job salary, Pay Scale, benefits, roles, regulations, workk culture, and important details for the TSPSC VRO jobs.

VRO salary in Telangana is between 16400-49870 / -. Seniors are paid more than juniors. The average salary through VRO is around Rs. 25,000/- and due to the new issuance of pass books to farmers and the Farmer Bond Scheme, VROs have earned more than Rs.50,000/- per month.

VRO Salary In Telangana

According to PRC 2010 the pay scale of VRO is from Rs.7,520/- to Rs.22430/-. The pay scale of VRA is Rs.3,000/- only. VRO work under the supervision of Tahsildar and District Collector. There should be one VRO for every three or four villages.

Village Revenue Assistants work under the auspices of the Village Revenue Officer. The people of the district are only eligible for the vacancies in that district only for the candidates who are eligible for the V.R.O post. For V.R.A posts, the candidate can apply only for his village vacancy. People from other states in Andhra Pradesh are not eligible to apply for these posts.

TS VRO Roles and Responsibilities

The person who is the real owner of the land must register in his / her name so that there are no future problems in buying and selling the land. The government has announced a scheme to provide a landowner Rs 8,000 per acre per annum.

To register land on the owner, he must turn around the VRO and MRO offices. Being busy with these tasks, a VRVO officer took the opportunity and started making money. They began to take bribes from farmers. Bribery is widespread in government offices.

Salary of VRO in Telangana

However, the officer was upset that he had taken Rs 10,000 per acre. A person with one or two acres must lend some money to register. It’s not just here; it’s everywhere. The average VRO earns 20 to 30 lakhs in just one year.

How to Crack the TSSPSC VRO Exam

Candidates should have knowledge of the Aptitude, General Studies, and the last six months’ latest current affairs (national ad International).

What is the salary of VRO in Telangana?

VRO salary is from Rs.7,520/- to Rs.22430/- as per Pay scale 2010.

VRO pay scale in Telangana?

New salary revised from Rs.24,450/- to Rs.44,450/-

Salary of VRO in Telangana?

The salary will be revised and new pay scale will be announced as per the current pay scale 2022.


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