TS SBTET Biometric Attendance Check 2022 Students Staff Members Promotion Rules

TS SBTET Bio Metric Attendance for Students and Staff Members

TS SBTET Biometric Attendance 2022: The Telangana State Board for Technical Education and Training (TS SBTET) announced a final announcement for students who exiting in SBTET Board courses and new students and regular staff members now onwards. Students can avail of the biometric count and TS SBTET Board introduced this option in the month of November.

for New TS SBTET academic year, biometrics will be accepted from the stipulated time period, SBTET students have to report in the college if any mistakes or glitches in the biometric information. Also, take the printout from college management for future reference purposes. Also, check the same on the board website.

SBTET Attendance

Students can refer the sbtet ts attendance and sbtet student attendance info, which is available at college examination branch, have to enquiry the same for the attendance report semester wise.

  • TS SBTET Biometric Attendance updated. Check sbtet biometric number and further details.
  • TS SBTET released C18 promotion rules for both credits and attendance for Academic Year (AY) 2020-21. Refer below.
  • 75% of attendance is required for the attending of exams
  • 10% of attendance is available on the basis of medical grounds
  • 65% of attendance students are not allowed for the exams and next year/semester.
  • TS SBTET Attendance information was updated below for Students’ reference purposes.
  • TS SBTET biometric attendance will be taken up to 5th November 2019 only.
  • Condonation fee will be taken between 65% to 75% attendance.
  • Less than 65% attendance, students should attend the extra classes next semester

C18 Promotion Rules

From SemesterTo SemesterAttendanceCumulative creditsRemarks
III75% (65% on medical grounds)Should Possed both Attendance and Credits
IIIIIISame as above25from AY 2020-21
IIIIVSame as above25from AY 2020-21
IVVSame as above25from AY 2020-21
VVISame as above25from AY 2020-21

C18 (IVC) Promotion Rules

From SemesterTo SemesterAttendanceCumulative creditsRemarks
IIIIV75% (65% on medical grounds)IVC candidates should be allowed 50credits during admission into 3rd Sem
IVV75% (65% on medical grounds)75from AY 2020-21
VVI75% (65% on medical grounds)75from AY 2020-21

SBTET Attendance percentage 2022 TS

SBTET attendance percentage is based on the number of classes attended by the student in scheduled class periods. S that, biometric will be released the finalised semester wise and exam wise attendance info.

In the Correction of Odd Semester, the last working day and the examination commences (total 90 working days).

  • Only 75% of attendance is permitted for the examinations.
  • 10% is added upon Condonation with supporting medical documents.
  • Condonation fee should pay online only, no offline or DD not entertain.
  • The principal should approve before the deadline.
  • Presumptive attendance of 18 days.
  • Those who should have less than 75% attendance should pay a condonation fee for exam hall ticket purposes.

SBTET Attendance Fee

Attendance PercentageFee (Rupees)
(TAD+PAD/90)=65%<75%Rs.1150/- (Rs.550/- + Rs.600/-)
(TAD+PAD/90)<65%Not Eligible (Candidate Detained)
  • TAD: Total Attended Days As On 13-10-2019 by the student only.
  • PAD: Presumptive Attended Days As 2-11-2019 will be taken as an 18 days

Students have biometric attendance from November 5th Onwards. If your college does not arrange any biometric, then inform TS SBTET Board as soon as possible that other students lose attendance and have to pay the attendance fine to the TS SBTET board.

TS SBTET Attendance for Students

  • No more registered attendance in all Diploma Colleges ( No manual attendance will be counted in the next semesters)
    TS SBTET Bio Metric Attendance for Students and Staff Members
  • Only Biometric attendance will be counted for students and staff members.
  • Everything is online noted (Registration counted for all students)
  • Students and staff members can access the complete attendance online and monitor them regularly.
  • Other than biometrics, no other tasks will be entertained for students and staff members.
  • Students have to regularly give In and Out punches at the correct time and regularly monitor for in-punch and out-punch at college authorities at the computer attendance screen by submitting a request letter for the attendance monitor.

TS SBTET Biometric attendance check

Check the TS SBTET Attendance

AP SBTET Internal Marks

SBTET Student Portal 

TS SBTET Biometric Attendance Timings

The TS SBTET biometric attendance timings are 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Biometric time is based on the college timings only – When students arrive in the morning session and at what time students leave).

TS SBTET Biometric Attendance Status

The SBTET Biometric attendance status is available on the TS SBTET students portal; students can log in and check the detailed information on the attendance percentage.

If students and staff members have any questions can comment below, our team member will assist you as soon as possible.

SBTET Attendance Percentage

TS sbtet attendance is updated and available for the students and faculty member sho are regularly checking their sbtet attendance percentage 2022 and for exams and salary purpose. Check the monthly and quarterly attendance, which is only available for students.

How to check TS SBTET Biometric Attendance.?

Use this LINK, enter the PIN number, and get the monthly attendance.

TS SBTET Official website for attendance is.?


What is the Attendance percentage for exams.?

Minimum 75% is required for eligibility.

What is the fine for the less attendance.?

Which is vary as per the attendance percentage-wise, please refer the above tabular form, Read More Info

TS SBTET biometric attendance check

Use the above link and get the monthly wise attendance report.

Diploma attendance percentage 2022

Download the monthly wise report from the above link.

SBTET Attendance Percentage 2022 TS?

Examination department will hold the student attendance report.

TS SBTET Attendance Percentage 2022?

Yes, Attendance is available for both faculty and students purpose.


  1. Some stundents of our college, biometric did not matched since many days,after updating also and we are getting o% attendance from board, still we did not got any solution and responce from board, kindly please help us

  2. So many students are lose the attendance because of some not match biometric fingerprint so come 2 collage daily but not getting attendance so please generated the hall ticket for semester exam nations so please we cannot write the exam please sbtet very soon solve the problem thank you

  3. Sir from.few days my biometric attendence was not matching from few days and some of the nearly 5 days i did nt went even though my attendence is showing as 0% please help.me sir as soon as poasible.

  4. sir my biometric is not matching and my biometric attendance is showing 0% of attendance what is the procedure to increase our biometric attendance

  5. Sir, Even though i attend the class.. sometimes biometric goes wrong and my attendance is not counted.. this issue is faced by a lot of students.. and we humbly request you to kindly get some solution for us..

    • Sir we are humbly requesting that we were not getting biometrics attendence for missing of fingerprints now we got detained even though we were regular to classes sir please make some solutions we cant get to college in summer heat days sir please

  6. Please Sir generate d the Hall ticket sir so many students lose bio matric problem sir. I am requesting you sir thanks Ian soon the Hall ticket……

  7. Sir…. I’m diploma 2nd year 4th semester I’m 4th semester detained for summer classes when will start
    Please respond and 4th sem when was Exam conduct sir please tell me

  8. Sir what is time of marking attendance in and out. And between in and out attendance what is the time to maintain

  9. I took the readmission in my college but my bio metric is showing like ur attendance in active then wt dng for bio metric can u give answer pls

  10. Sir,I am studying in diploma 1st year in DEEE I want to know my biometric attendance percentage as I visited student portal site I am not getting the although I entered pin number please help me

  11. As am attending to the college regularly and giving my biometric regularly. But Day by Day my attendance percentage is decreasing. What will be the reason.Please help me out sir. Please don’t forgot to reply.

  12. Wt happened if the students participate in sports do u give any attendance for the students who r in sports ..from private colleges.. govt college students i think they have attendance in sports quota but wt should private college students should do

  13. What if a student gets less than 65 percentage of attendance,will college management will accept medical certificates to avoid from dention,or any other alternate for this solution

  14. Somebody colleges management had said that previous month i mean november attendence woldnt be considered, because majorly students didnt attend to college in november,from which date onwards bio-metric attendance has started in november mam.

  15. As we got Mid sem marks yesterday, there were all absents in my results list even though i attend to all labs in the clg,majorly i lost most of the marks

  16. Mam
    I was absent for 18days because of health problems.but they have calculated biometric for 38 days and i got 43percentage.but i was absent for 18days but i got 23.5 days absent.and i got 16.5 present days.They are saying that problem is from the board.please help me mam.

  17. Hello sir ,
    My biometric is not matching since i started my college ..i m a regular student i i had not missed my clg even for a single day but my biometric is not matching i have done all the process ..i had also updated my aadhar and also my new aadhar card is received nd still my biometric is not matching ..plss help me out sirr plss what should i do now ..

  18. Iam detained in 2019-20 acadmic year in 2nd sem I was deatained by low attendees I can’t pay the exam fee and I am detained any chances to write the promotional exams by paying fee pls sir by the attendces I was deatained sir pls give me one chances sir pls pls promte me sir pls sir

      • But in my clg my lectures are” you are detained so you will study and write the exams with your juniors”tells like this and came at December as told to us any promotional fee are there for detained students in my clg only some lectures are saying promotional fee are there pay and wirte the exams in supply exams as told to me so I asking you mam any chance for detained students I had only one supply in the 1sem I had 22 credits any chances to promote and wirte the exams to me

  19. But in my clg my lectures are” you are detained so you will study and write the exams with your juniors”tells like this and came at December as told to us any promotional fee are there for detained students in my clg only some lectures are saying promotional fee are there pay and wirte the exams in supply exams as told to me so I asking you mam any chance for detained students I had only one supply in the 1sem I had 22 credits any chances to promote and wirte the exams to me

  20. In my clg I asked all the lectures some one tells “pay promotional fee and wirte the exams in supplys “But some other lectures tells you are detained so you will be write the exams with your juniors and you study again the sem with juniors “as like this says the lectures any solution to about my promotion and my exams I asked in the examination branch also they says “came at December last week” any chances to my promotion exams and If this type of method there which date I pay the promotional fee pls tell mam a in my 1sem I had only one supply and 22 credits are there pls help mam

  21. Mam you mean paying the supply exam fee and write the 2nd sem exams in supply exams .But mam I was detained by low attendces there is chances mam to write the 2nd sem exams in supply exams by detained students by low attendces also ,only for normals students only or detained students also in diploma education

  22. I have 11% atendence and there is 42 days for last atendence is it possible to get condanation,,, plz tell me mam. And how much percentage will add per day

  23. Sir.. my biometric is showing inactive… So please solve the problem sir. Because my attendance percentage is showing 0 percentage.. will I eligible for 3rd sem.. I am studying 2nd year civil


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