Telangana TS Election WebCast 2023 Duty Invitation TS Election Commission

ts election webcast registration

TS WebCast 2023: Telangana State Election Commission inviting online applications for Telangana Elections Monitoring purposes, this invitation is exclusively for students in anywhere of Telangana region or state, complete training will be provided by the election commission one week before the election offline mode by calling caching centers to get the complete training on How to monitor the elections.

webcasting duty Telangana from Students and Candidates, Those who are interested can fill out the below online application for the General Election (Loksabha elections) in Telangana on December 2023.

తెలంగాణ ఎన్నికల పర్యవేక్షణ ప్రయోజనాల కోసం తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర ఎన్నికల సంఘం ఆన్‌లైన్ దరఖాస్తులను ఆహ్వానిస్తోంది, ఈ ఆహ్వానం తెలంగాణ ప్రాంతం లేదా రాష్ట్రంలో ఎక్కడైనా విద్యార్థుల కోసం ప్రత్యేకంగా ఉంటుంది, ఎన్నికల కమీషన్ ఎన్నికల ఆఫ్‌లైన్ మోడ్‌కు ఒక వారం ముందు క్యాచింగ్ సెంటర్‌లకు కాల్ చేయడం ద్వారా పూర్తి శిక్షణను అందిస్తుంది. ఎన్నికలను ఎలా పర్యవేక్షించాలనే దానిపై పూర్తి శిక్షణ.

విద్యార్థులు మరియు అభ్యర్థుల నుండి వెబ్‌కాస్టింగ్ డ్యూటీ తెలంగాణ, ఆసక్తి ఉన్నవారు డిసెంబర్ 2023న తెలంగాణలో సాధారణ ఎన్నికల (లోక్‌సభ ఎన్నికలు) కోసం దిగువ ఆన్‌లైన్ దరఖాస్తును పూరించవచ్చు.

Make sure that, candidates can check the below official website for the instant verification;

  • CEO Telangana
  • EVM FLC Procedure
  • live
  • first level checking of EVM
  • use of pink paper seal in election
  • GHMC official link

Webcasting in Election Registration

Register for  Loksabha Election Webcasting.

Name of the AuthorityElection Commission Telangana
Name of the EventLoksabha Elections
Election NameGeneral Elections
Election DateDecember 2023
Election LocationHyderabad, Telangana
Payment Per DayRs. 4,000/- + Food + Certificate
Number of days1 day event (If any **)

TS WEBCAST 2023 Details Required

Interested students and candidates are ready with the below details to fill out the online application form and get the confirmation from the Election Commission for offline one-day training.

Telangana Assembly Update

  • Valid Email ID for Mail Confirmation and candidate calling purposes.
  • Name of Candidates
  • District Name
  • Assembly Constitution belongs
  • Name of the college (Optional)
  • District (Candidates/Students Living place)
  • Preferred district Name (Select where you want to work)
  • Laptop (Compulsory)
  • above 4GB Prefer
  • HDD (above 500GB)
  • Camera with Lappy

Register for  Loksabha Election Webcasting

Latest update election in Telangana State 


For the above work, the Election Commission will provide Rs.2,400 rupees and lunch and work should be 8 hours only. Those who are interested can apply as a Telangana TS Web Cast 2023.

TS Election Webcasting Duty

Candidates should have the following things before registration for the Telangana election webcasting;

  • Must Come with their laptops
  • Training will be given to the selected candidates by the Election Commission of India (Telangana region).
  • A volunteer certificate will be awarded
  • An honorarium will be paid.
  • A participant Certificate will be given.

TS Election Webcasting Duty Registration

These three methods that can apply online for the Telangana Election duty as per below;

  • Visit the GHMC Official website and then click on the election duty and then complete the registration.
  • Install and apply online at MyGHMC App (Android)
  • Use the link – for registration (Link active soon)

Further questions, students and candidates can use the comment box for questions and doubts.

Telangana TS WebCast 2023 registration Link – Available Soon

Use of pink paper seal in election

The pink paper is used during election time, When Presiding Officer and Polling Agent put the signature along with other documents for the verification process and seal the CU and VVPAT.


  1. If I try to apply for this webcasting their one field is required for resident district thts y am asking I am interest to do webcasting already Iam done this type webcasting in ap

  2. Hi sir
    I am interested to do web casting
    Done with survey I dont get any responses
    I am belongs to Telangana states.
    May I know brief info to contact you

  3. telagana state in webcasting in election time in i am complete webcasting training today but i am intersted in in disteric

  4. Sir,i had applied for web casting process 2,3 times still i am not getting a call or sms, as election day was near but still i didn’t get the call or sms for 1 day tranning..

  5. I didnt got any response after registration for this live webcasting process, when will be training for that, Even i didnt got any update after filling that registration form. Please let me also know for further updates.

  6. Can you post the entire notification regarding the webcast and payment details it would be helpful
    In some districts the they paying only 900rs.

  7. Hi Sir,
    I had applied webcasting for komaram bheem Asifabad district . but till now i dint get any message or call .
    and i have already participated 2014 Assembly elections(experienced). iam waiting for call or sms.
    Contact: 9912226975

  8. Sir I have applied for web casting ,I didn’t get any call r msg r mail,I was waiting for it since 2 days …
    Should I go to my native place r wait for the response…plz reply


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