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ap mlhp certificate verification

AP MLHP Certificate Verification DateAndhra Pradesh A.P. State recruitment board scheduled Certificate Verification after the MLHP merit list is released, those who have secured the rank are eligible for the document verification. Candidates should aware of the certificate verification date as per the zone rank wise. Certificates are important for the verification, failing to produce the asked certificates, may lead to disqualification.

For the AP MLHP Certificate Verification process, the details will be shared as soon as possible, candidates have to prepare the valid documents (2 xerox set copies, 4 recent passport size photocopies, and Originals for verification), also bring the applicable registration form. These are the important details for the candidates who are eligible and called for the certificate verification, which is mentioned in the shortlist.

AP MLHP Results Released

MLHP Counseling scheduled May 2022 (Expected date) at respective centers, those details are listed below;

AP MLHP Results 2022 Merit List Selection List

ఏ‌పి ఎం‌ఎల్‌హెచ్‌పి ఫలితాలు

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ స్టేట్ మిడ్ లెవెల్ ప్రొవైడర్ (ఎం‌ఎల్‌హెచ్‌పి) ఫలితాలను డిసెంబర్ చివరి వారం లో విడుదల చేసేందుకు సన్నాహాలు చేస్తునారు. అన్నీ అనుకున్న సమయం అయితే డిసెంబర్ చివరి వారం లో ఫలితాలు అందుబాటులోకి వస్తాయి.

ఫలితాలు విడుదల చేసిన రోజే మెరిట్ లిస్ట్ కూడా అందుబాటులో ఉంటుంది. మెరిట్ లిస్ట్ ప్రకారం మాత్రమే సర్టిఫికేట్ verification మరియు ఇతర అప్లికేషన్ ఫామ్ డీటైల్స్ modification నమోదు నమోదు చేసుకుంటారు (అప్లికేషన్ ఫామ్ లో తప్పులు దొర్లినచో ఎక్కడ సారి చేసుకోగలరు). కావున మెరిట్ లిస్ట్ ఉన్న అబ్యర్డులు certificates అన్నీ ready గా అందుబాటులో ఉంచుకోవాలి.

AP MLHP Counselling Date 2022

Name of the AuthorityAndhra Pradesh Health Department (A.P.)
Name of the PostsMid Level Provider (AP MLP)
Number of Posts4755 Vacancies
AP MLHP Selection ListMay 2022 (Released)
Educational QualificationB.Sc (Nursing)
AP MLHP Exam Date Academic Marks
AP MLHP Document Verification Date16th May 2022 onwards
Official Websitecfw.ap.nic.in

AP MLHP Certificate Verification 2022 Date

  • Andhra Pradesh Multi-Level Provider MLP merit list candidates are called for the certificate verification as per zonal rank wise.
  • Candidates should aware of the Zone wise & rank wise dates and keep required documents for the verification process.

Important Note

If candidates make mistakes in the application form while the registration process, they can modify those details at the time of certificate verification time by providing supporting documents with the request letter.

AP MLHP Certificate Verification

The selected candidate should attend the Certificate verification on 8th and 9th January 2022 in zone-wise locations.- Download Zone Wise Venue Info

Zone 1Serial Number
16.05.20221 to 300
17.05.2022301 to 550
18.05.2022551 to 803
Zone 2Merit List Number
16.05.20221 to 206
17.05.2022207 to 414
18.05.2022415 to 623
19.05.2022624 to 898
Zone 3Serial Number
16.05.202201 to 300
17.05.2022301 to 515
Zone 4Merit List Number
16.05.20221 to 200
17.05.2022201 to 550
18.05.2022551 to 900
19.05.2022901 to 1746

AP MLHP Certificates Required

  • SSC Certificate
  • Intermediate Certificate
  • B.Sc (Nursing)
  • AP Nursing Council Registration Certificate
  • Study Certificates From IV to X
  • Latest Caste Certificate
  • Physically Handicapped Certificate (Medical Board)
  • Ex-serviceman Certificates
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Two sets of Xerox copies of all originals (above documents only)

Above rank-wise certification is expected only, further certificate verification date schedule will be announced by the AP MLHP recruitment team. We will update the Verification dates after officially announced.

AP MLHP Results 2022 Merit List Selection List


      • dear madam, if they announced suddenly today night and if they give date to document verification tomarrow means how we can come? Previously peoples were affected with this, they announced after 10pm or 11pm and they gave verification date to next day,.. How they can come ?

          • Respected madam expectations are so much on mlhp jobs ma’am I don’t knew iam feeling to sad mam if second list is there means please chance to fourth zone. bc caste mam.second list is there or not mam

          • Ayesha,

            మళ్ళీ ఎప్పుడు సర్టిఫికేట్ వెరిఫికేషన్ ఉంట్టుంది అనేది ఇంకా అప్డేట్ మనకు రాలేదు ఇంకా, వచ్చిన తర్వాత పోస్టు చేస్తాను.

            Keerthana, Author.
            Examdays TSAP.

      • Mam please mam kindly requesting u ma’am if there chance means give jobs to fourth zone .because 4districts added and also 4500 have written exam.mam….give please mam

    • Respected madam. Y mam bc-a got very less jobs I don’t IAM not understanding full oc and sC .St caste got many jobs…. And also fourth none. Four districts are there but only given 321 mam . Like this y mam. we r respecting more 4 districts 400 jobs ..y ma’am like this please help us….we r poor 196.5 marks help me mam

    • good evening ma’am. Zone 1 document verification aipoindi. Mari bridge course programme yeppudu start avuthundi joining date and placement cheppagalaru

  1. ap.cfw not announced clearly about certificate verification dt or final merit list. they gave one date but nothing will happened because of their laziness or they think as it is a simple thing. They enjoyed a lot by put much tensions on who eagerly waiting for result. There is no perfection at all.No perfection about Final list, no clarity about counselling and document verification, at last no clarity about when the training has been started,but they mentioned bridge course is started from Jan,1. Nothing will happend………….?

  2. Sir plz kindly provide verification date we are eagerly waiting for 1st list…..plz sir plz…if there is any postoned date shedule plz update in website clearly

    • Hi Trinayani,

      Ap MLHP Document Verification Dates are available in January 2020 month only. Results may available at any point in time. Candidates should aware of the dates.

      Keerthana, Author.
      Examdays TSAP Dept.

    • Hi Tulasamma,

      Before answering your query, I just want to tell you “This time AP MLHP competition is more for the 1113 vacancies, each zone has several candidates”. we are expecting the top 500 rankers to have good chances for the Counseling certificate verification and later 2nd list will be released for other rankers if any vacancies left in 1st list.

      Coming to your query: If you’re in the top 500 rankers, then you’ve good chances for selections.
      As your rank 533 – wait for the 1st list.

      Keerthana, Author.
      Examdays TSAP Dept.

  3. Good evening madam ,
    I am pedapati srilekha I got score 99.in merit list not given ranks ..so which rank for me plz tell me mam………
    When was counselling dates we are waiting mam

  4. madam when is document verification date , final merit list ,nd starting date of 6 months bridge course eagerly waiting for the result

  5. Hi mam good evening..
    When was counselling date ..i am waiting mam.
    Mam I got 99score in merit list .in merit list not given ranks ..plz tell mam my rank ..
    Thanking u mam

  6. Hi keerthana mam plz answer my emergency query…i got 216 bc-d candidate i dnt have recent caste certificate i have an old certificate of 2010 is that validated….plz let me know

  7. Hi mam, i got 5 th rank, im 7 month pregnent now and planned cesarean section for this pregnancy , how will they give my meternity leave, and am i eligible to get that at time of brize course, and waiting for cirtificate verification date

  8. I nedd to travel from long to guntur, if announce mindnight and said to come for next day, if i dont attend is it possible to attend later and join, can u just tell me tentative date of document verification for zone 3


  10. Good morning.madam.
    I am srilekha first list dates echaru kadhaa…Mari second list amiena vuntadha mam……first list naa Peru ledhu mam… Mari second list yappudu dates ..
    Plz tell me ..
    Thanking u mam

    • సెకండ్ లిస్ట్ కోసం ఏ‌పి ఎం‌ఎల్‌హెచ్‌పి వాళ్ళతో మేము ఎంక్వయిరీ చేస్తునము. మాకు కొద్దిగా టైమ్ కావాలి, ఈ విషయం లో.

      మరింత సమాచారం & updates ఇక్కడ post చేస్తాము.


  11. verification dates are mentioned bt not time when should we appear for this verification center plz inform ….thanks in advance

  12. HI mam,
    As I scored 178.5 and my rank is 382 in mlhp2019 blngng to SC category, but when they released the merit list I didn’t found my name instead of that ppl who scored less than me has there names, Im not understanding wt is hpng, can we expect the 2nd list?

  13. Hlo keerthana mam , actually they have selected 1096 sheets but total 1113 sheets any hope for second counselling mam plz tell mam

  14. Hi mam ….
    When was second couselling list mam…if any chance plz keep second list mam..we are waiting…mam……by chance .plz reply madam .

  15. Respected man, I got s.no 146 in zone 2 selection list. I am n,t abled to attend to document verification on 8th
    January due to sickness
    Any other chance to further verification on 9th January

    • Hello Pandu,

      Please visit the verification centre may be they will accept. Please take your doctor prescription letter with you it will helps you.

      Best of luck. Please visit once with out any hesitation and request them

  16. Respected mam. Today Sakshi pepar lo news vachindi prastutaniki 331MLHP select chesamu ani migata variki kuda chance untunda mam. 1113 select chesite migata varini counselling date S undava mam. Mally exam rayalasindena. Mam

  17. Medam further verification epudu mam dates epudu istharu second verification mam please mam chepandi please mam 3000 members ki verify chesthara mam verification

  18. Mam any idea about meternaty leave im 7 th month now my due date is in march 2nd week, planned lscs how will procede me, i got 5 th rank some one told they will you reject you this time and and call for second bach, if is this happend i will lose my opinion to get nearest places, andi be in troble to have option much to select my job option how should i proceed any advice plz

  19. Good morning madam,
    yesterday verification aepoindi meerannatlugane select ayyanu.thank you madam ,training place ni manam select chesukone option vuntunda madam.plz give me reply madam .originals thisukunnaru ,nenu training ki select aenatle kada madam.

  20. Hi madam good morning..
    When was second couselling mam…we are waiting mam plz tell me …malli amiena select chestara mam .

  21. Mam,first list lo na sno.146 but nenu verification ki attend avvaledu. Second list lo na name malli vasthunda
    Miss ina vallaki Malli verification date amaina vuntunda madam plz information evvagalaru

  22. Thank for reply, i understood i will get 180 of leave for meternaty but my doubt is is this applicable in yraining period r not, ignoi need 100 attendence it seems will they give me atleast 1 month leave . Any idea about counselling date,

  23. Mam second list names in 4th zone How to know mam in Kadapa males 8members,females 30 members are selected. In the list no names mam How to know mam, tomarrow it self verification. Please chepandi mam.

  24. Why the MLHP merit list did not select 150marks candidate not eligible? notification 120marks only40%eligible for SC/St candidate but I got 150 why did not select me madam please tell me

  25. Good evening madam I’m Nakshatra from 4th zone i got 199.5 please tell me madam any chance to 3rd list waiting for that please tell me madam

    • Hi Nakshatra,

      Those who are not selected in 2nd list, they’re waiting for the MLHP 3rd list from all zones. We already discussed in other comments, If anyone missed/not attend the 2nd CV then those vacancies are transferred to the 3rd list.

      Just we need a confirmation on leftover vacancies from the MLHP team. Once we get confirmation. We try to post on this page.


  26. Good morning madam, in mlph requirement for 1113 posts… But now candidate called for allotment for training program is not 1113.in Marit exam so many are qualified… So are you going to call the qualified candidate again to fill the notification (1113) or not….

  27. Please tell madam about remaing vacancies ..? 4th list undha ledha..? 3rd list is last na..?
    balanced vacancies when is take..?

  28. Good Morning Madam

    please reply Any chance to take again Qualified candidates next MLHP Notification …?
    When is released Final list..?

  29. good evening mam,’
    i have selected in mlhp bridge programme 5th list but i didnt attented the certificate verification because 27th august 2020 certificate verification i came to 26th midnight mam,is there any chances to go for certificate verification ,so kindly do the need full.

  30. Respected madam,
    August 31st 2020 certificates verification I am not attended.because of lockdown. I will be there in Chennai.so please kindly requested madam how I will submit my certificates,I will come and submit my certificates.but last date 31st August. For whom I considered.i will ask excuse and I want to submit my certificates.please explain process mam.

    • Hi, Praneetha tata,

      I understand your situation. But MLHP mark the selection as a Non – Attendee and these non-attendee posts are filled with the next selection list for the waiting candidates OR it may be added no next new notification.

      Solution: You’ve to address the concerned dept along with the application form for consideration.


  31. Hi Mam, naku 172.5marks vachaye zone4,category Oc any chance to get MLHP job. Zone 1 Lo Oc category Vallaku 159marks vasthe kuda consider cheyesaru, 5th list is last list Inkoka list teysthara madam.

  32. Madam nenu mlhp zone1 5th list lo select ayyanu but certificate verification ki nenu attend kaledu 12th na certificate verification ipoindanta na mobile povadam valla naku telialedu amaina chese chance untunda

  33. Hi mam 5th list cert verification over in august
    Still howlong we should wait for training
    Please answer me mam
    We resigned previous job n waiting.

  34. Hi mam i got 174 marks…but no selection in above lists.. May be next qualify invallaku next chance untundha… Leka exam untundha… Plz tell me mam

    • Hi Anitha,

      ఇప్పుడు రెండు అవకాశాలు మాత్రమే ఉన్నాయి. 1. నెక్స్ట్ పెండింగ్ లిస్ట్ release చేయడం. 2. కొత్త నోటిఫికేషన్ 2021 విడుదల చేయడం. ఇందులో ఏదైనా జరగవచ్చును, అయితే తర్వాత పెండింగ్ లో ఉన్న పోస్టులకి “సెలెక్షన్ లిస్ట్” విడుదలా చేస్తారా అంటే చెప్పలేము.

      చాలా మంది అబ్యర్డులు ఎదురు చూస్తున్నారు తర్వాత సెలెక్షన్ లిస్ట్ కోసం.


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