CBSE Accountancy Question Paper 2019

CBSE Accountancy Question Paper Analysis: Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE conducted accountancy examination paper on 06.03.2019. Those who are given examination can check the question paper analysis and the possibility of marks in 12th accountancy paper.

The question paper has little lengthy and

CBSE Accountancy Question Paper Analysis

Name of the Authority CSBE Board 2019
Name of the Examination Accountancy Paper
Exam Date 06.03.2019
Exam Session 3 hours
Maximum Marks 80
Official Website Class 12th Paper
Official Website

Cbse Accounts Paper 2019

The Accountancy question paper was given below with front image, the complete question paper will be added soon in this page. Overall question bit lengthy.

Name of the Question Paper Question Paper Standard
Accountancy Lengthy



1. How are Specific donations treated while preparing final accounts of a ‘Not-For-Profit Organisation ?

2. Chhavi and Neha were partners in a firm sharing profits and losses equally withdrew a fixed amount at the beginning of each quarter. Interest on charged @ 6% p.a. At the end of the year, interest on Chhavi’s drawing amounted toRs. 900. Pass necessary journal entry for charging interest on drawings

3. What is meant by ‘Gaining Ratio’ on retirement of a partner?

4. What is meant by ‘Issued Capital? OR What is meant by ‘Employees Stock Option Plan?

5. Atul and Neera were partners in a firm sharing profits in the ratio of 3: 2. They admitted Mitali as a new partner. Goodwill of the firm was valued at 2,00,000. Mitali brings her share of goodwill premium of 20,000 in cash, which is entirely credited to Atul’s Capital Account. Calculate the new profit sharing ratio.

6. State any two contingencies that may result into dissolution of a partnership firm.

7. Garvit Ltd. invited applications for issuing 3,000, 11% Debentures of 100 each at a discount of 6%. The full amount was payable on application. Applications were received for 3,600 debentures. Applications for 600 debentures were rejected and the application money was refunded. Debentures were allotted to the remaining applicants. Pass the necessary journal entries for the above transactions in the books of Garvit Ltd.

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