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aai atc mock test

AAI ATC Mock Test: Airports Authority of India AAI has released a recruitment notification to fill the various posts like Junior Executive and Manager vacancies across India. Eligible candidates can apply for the eligible post and download the AAI ATC Books and Previous Papers for the AAI ATC question paper standard calculation purpose.

The detailed AAI Syllabus has given to the candidates, those who are preparing for the AAI Online exams. Detailed information has listed for the AAI aspirants.

Are you looking for the AAI topic wise test series, then you’re in the right place for instant access to AAI ATC mock test and another topic wise test series 2021. The AAI topic wise test series is given below.

AAI Physics free Mock Test Coming Soon

updated on 15.01.2021

AAI ATC Mock Test 2021


  1. Quantization of electric charge is demonstrated by

A.Millikans oil drop experiment

B. Thompson experiement

C. Rutherford alpha-ray scattering experiment

D. Stem – Gerlach experiment

Answer: A

2. In cold season when lakes freeze only the top water freezes. Below this layer does not freeze and the aquatic life survives. This happens because of

A. Poor thermal conductivity of ice

B. Density of water is maximum at 4 degree Celcius

C. Heat Convection does not take place in water

D. Low latent heat of fusion of water

Answer: B

3. A liquid drop acquire spherical shape due to?

A. Gravity

B. Surface tension

C. Viscocity

D. Intermolecular interaction

Answer: B

4. In an orbital motion, the angular momentum vector is?

A. Along the radius vector

B. Parallel to the linear momentum

C. In the orbital plane

D. Perpendicular to the orbital plane

Answer: D

5. The working principle of pressure gauges for measuring static pressure of a fluid flowing in a pipe is based on?

A. Poiseuille’s law

B. Bernoulli’s theorem

C. Stokes law

D. Hookes law

Answer: B

6. A carona aound the moon is seen when we view it on a fogy night, This is due to the?

A. Diffraction pattern of air born water droplets

B. Dispersion of light by air born water droplets

C. Scattering of light by air born water droplets

D. Formation of diffused image of moon.

Answer: A

7. A liquid drop acquires spherical shape due to?

A. Gravity

B. Surface tension

C. Viscosity

D. Inter molecular Interaction

Answer: B

8. A double-slit experiment is performed with light of wavelength of 500 nm. A thin film of thickness 2 µm and refractive index 1.5 is introduced in the path of the upper beam. The location of the central maximum will?

A. Remain Unshifted

B. Shift downwards by nearly two frings

C. Shift upwards by nearly two frings

D. Shift downwards by 10 frings

Answer: B

9. The product of generalized coordinates and it’s conjugates momentum has the dimension of?

A. Force

B. Energy

C. Liner momentum

D. Angular momentum

Answer: D

10. Gauss forward interpolation formula involves?

A. Even differences above the central line and odd differences on the central line

B. Odd differences above the central line and odd differences on the central line

C. odd differences above the central line and even differences on the central line

D. even differences above the central line and even differences on the central line

Answer: C

11. In dual simplex method leaving variable position is positive after the iteration, then it’s in next iteration or in some later iterations, the variable occupying the place of this variable in the table?

A. Can become negative

B. Cannot become negative

C. Will always become negative

D. Will always equals to zero

Answer: A

12. From given options, Choose the word similar in the meaning to the word in capital letter?


A. Unstable

B. Illusory

C. Short – Lived

D. Unreal

Answer: C

13. From the given options, choose the word similar in meaning to the word in capitter letter?


A. Demolish

B. Demean

C. Disaaprove

D. Blame

Answer: B

14. From the given options, choose the word opposite in meaning to the word in capitter letter?


A. Rough

B. Rigid

C. Blunt

D. Reliable

Answer: B

15. Given four alternative, Choose the Which is substituted for the given word/sentence?

The custom of having more than one wife at the same time

A. Monogamy

B. Matrimony

C. Bigamy

D. Polygamy

Answer: D

16. if the universal gravitational constant were decreasing with time, then satellite in orbit would still maintain it’s?

A. Orbital radius

B. Angular  momentum

C. Tangential speed

D. Period of revolution

Answer: B

17. The velocity with which a projectile must be fired so that it escapes earth graviation does not depend on?

A. Mass of the earth

B. Mass of the projectile

C. Radius of the orbit

D. Gravitional constant

Answer: B

18. The second law of thermodynamics introduces the concepts of?

A. heat

B. Temperature

C. Entropy

D. Internal energy of the system

Answer: C

19. The manisfestationof band structure in solids in a consequences of?

A. Heisenberg’s uncertainity principle

B. Pauli’s exclusion principle

C. Bohr’s corresponding principle

D. Ohm’s law

Answer: B

20. Quantization of electric charge is demostrated by

A. Millikan’s oild drop expriment

B. Thompson experiment

C. Rutherford alpha-ray scattering experiement

D. Stem-Gerlach experiment

Answer: A

More Questions are Updating Soon

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