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ap grama sachivalayam exam date

Grama Sachivalayam Exam Date 2020: AP Grama Sachivayam exam date 2020 is available in March 2020 month for the Andhra Pradesh AP State Sachivalayam recruitment team has scheduled to releases the 16,207 vacancy post notifications for 19 various posts in the AP State. Eligible candidates should fill the online application form on or before the last date 31.01.2020 (CLOSED). Those who have filled with the online Sachivalayam application form for the post, candidates should aware of the Sachivalayam exam date 2020.

AP Sachivalayam exam dates will be announced soon, the expected Sachivalayam exam date will be in the month of 20.09.2020 Onwards. The complete exam schedule will be available by next month. Candidates have to practice different exams and get ready for the exams.

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ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ సచివాలయం పరీక్ష తేదీలు జూన్ లేదా జులై నెలలో విడుదల చేసే అవకాశాలు ఉన్నాయి, లోక్ డౌన్ కారణంగా సచివాలయం పరీక్షలు వాయిదా పడిన సంగతి అందరికీ తెలిసిందే అయితే ఇప్పుడు సడలింపుల తర్వాత జూన్ లేదా జులై నెలలో విడుదల అయ్యే అవకాశాలు ఉన్నాయి.

Important Instructions

  • Wear the 3 levels Mask / Any Cotton Cloth (make 3 levels)/Homemade mask.
  • Kee the Sanitation oil.
  • Avoid contact with any person during the exam.
  • Avoid public transport / Shared Auto/ Taxi while Exam center attending.
  • Maintain at least 6 feet distance in the exam center (rules are conducted by the Sachivalayam team).
  • Wear full body cover cloths (to avoid virus contact).
  • If any suspicious activity observed, then uses sanitizer oil to clean hands.
AP Sachivalayam Exam Date 2020
  • 28.08.2020 Update: Sachivalayam exam dates are OUT, Check below;
  • AP Sachivalayam exam dates are out: Exams are conducted from 20th September 2020 onwards.
  • Total number of candidates applied: 10,63,168 candidates
  • Total number of posts: 16,208 Posts
  • COVID19 precautions will be taken under team management.
  • AP Grama Sachivalayam exam date is scheduled t September / October 2020 (expected date).
  • Village Horticulture Assistant Update: Upload the certificates – click here

Further Sachivalayam schedule will be available in the month of August 2020, those who are applied for the Sachivalayam various posts, have to finish their exam preparation by August end and get ready for the exam.

  • July 21st, 2020 Update: Sachivalayam Exam is postponed again, which are earlier announced on August 2nd week dates. New exam dates are to be announced later.
  • Sachivalayam exams will be scheduled to held in August month 2020
  • Sachivalayam exams will begin from July last week and it completed within 8 days.
  • So, Candidates should start the preparation once again, Where you left the preparation and complete preparation y June end and Arrange the certificate for the verification process in August/September 2020.
  • Apply for the Govt certificates like Caste/Aadhar changes/Residence or any other NOW ONLY, because due to lockdown, the certificate approval process will take longer than as usual.
Number of Posts16,208 Vacancies
Number of candidates applied10 Lakhs candidates
Types of Posts19 Types
Number of exams14 Types of exams
Examdays14 days
Sachivalayam Exam dateExpected Date September 2020 (2nd Week onwards)
  • June 2020 Update: Expected exam date June/July 2020, the confirmation may available by the End June 2020. Candidates should stay tune with Sachivalayam exams.
  • Sachivalayam exam date is released soon, the Sachivalayam exam may be conducted in the month of June /July 2020.
  • For Exam attendees: Wear Mask and Keep the Sanitizer oil.
  • Grama Sachivalayam exam date 2020: Sachivalayam exam dates will be announced soon by June 1st week.
  • AP Sachivalayam exams are scheduled within 15days of lockdown lifted.
  • Sachivalayam hall tickets will be issued after a lockdown on an immediate basis.
  • AP Sachivalayam exam dates available after lockdown.
  • The expected date for the Sachivalayam exams will July/August 2020.

Grama Sachivalayam Exam Date

Sachivalayam exam date 2020 is scheduled for the last week of March/April 2020 (expected date), which is not final as of now. Candidates should aware of the exam date and plan for the exam preparation accordingly.
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Engineering Assistant Grama Sachivalayam Exam Date

Due to COVID 19 lockdown, the AP grama sachivalayam exams dates are not yet scheduled, exam dates are likely available in April 2020 month but it may postponed to May/June 2020, as per sources.

ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ సచివాలయం పరీక్ష తేదీలు త్వరలో విడుదల చేసేందుకు సచివాలయం రిక్రూట్మెంట్ టీమ్ సిద్దంగా ఉన్నట్లు తెలుస్తుంది. అయితే ఎన్నికల కోడ్ వల్ల కాస్త ఆలస్యం అయ్యే అవకాశాలు కనిపిస్తునాయి. ఏది ఏమైనా మార్చ్/ఏప్రిల్ 2020 కల్ల సచివాలయం పరీక్షలు పూర్తి చేయాలని బావిస్తునట్లు సమాచారం. కావున సచివాలయం పరీక్షకు సిద్దం అవుతున్న అబ్యర్డులు పరీక్ష తేదీ కోసం ఎదురు చూడకుండా పరీక్షకు ఎప్పటి నుండే సిద్దం కావాలి.

While attending the examination, candidates should take their own precautions, exam authorities are not responsible for any kind of health issue.

  • Wear the proper MASK (3 layer mask)
  • Keep the small sanitizer oil bottle.
  • Avoid excessive study material.
  • Don’t share any study material with any other at the exam center while brushing up last-minute preparation.
  • Maintain the 6 feet distance.
  • Use your own vehicle (avoid public transport).

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Number of Posts16,207 Vacancies
Application Last Date31.01.2020 (Closed)
AP Grama Sachivalayam Exam Date 2020September 2020 (Expected Date)
Number of Categories3 (Three)
Official Websitegramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in

Sachivalayam Category Wise Exam Date

I1. Panchayat Secretary (Grade-V)
2. Mahila Police and Women & Child Welfare Assistant / Ward Women & Weaker SectionsProtection Secretary (Female)
3. Welfare & Education Assistant
4. Ward Administrative Secretary
II 1A. Engineering Assistant (Grade-II)
2A. Ward Amenities Secretary (Grade-II)
1B. Village Revenue Officer (Grade-II)
2B. Village Surveyor (Grade-III)
III1. Village Agriculture Assistant (Grade-II)
2. Village Horticulture Assistant
3. Village Fisheries Assistant
4. Village Sericulture Assistant
5. Panchayat Secretary (Grade-VI) Digital Assistant
6. Animal Husbandry Assistant
7. ANM/Ward Health Secretary (Grade-III) (Female)
8. Ward Planning & Regulation Secretary (Grade-II)
9. Ward welfare & Development secretary (Grade-II)
10. Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary (Grade-II)
11. Ward Sanitation & Environment Secretary (Grade-II)

AP grama sachivalayam exam results date 2020

  • 20.09.2020 (Sunday): Panchayat Secretary / Mahila Police / Ward Admin / Welfare Education (F.N) – Category 1
  • 20.09.2020 (Sunday): Panchayat Secretary (Grade-IV) Digital Assistant (A.N) – Category 3
  • 22.09.2020 (Tuesday): Ward Sanitation & Environment Secretary (F.N) – Category 3
  • 22.09.2020 (Tuesday): Ward Welfare & Development Secretary (Grade II) (A.N) – Category 3
  • 23.09.2020 (Wednesday): Village Agriculture Assistant (F.N) – Category 3
  • 23.09.2020 (Wednesday): Ward Education and Data Processing Secretary (A.N) – Category 3
  • 24.09.2020 (Thursday): Ward Planning & Regulation Secretary (FN)- Category 3
  • 24.09.2020 (Thursday): ANM / Ward Health Secretary (Gr-III) (AN) – Category 3
  • 25.09.2020 (Friday): Village Horticulture Assistant (FN)- Category 3
  • 25.09.2020 (Friday): Village Sericulture Assistant (AN) – Category 3
  • 26.09.2020 (Saturday): Village Fisheries Assistant (FN) – Category 3
  • 26.09.2020 (Saturday): Village Animal Husbandry Assistant (AN) Category 3
AP Sachivalayam Panchayat Secretary Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Mahila Police and Women & Child Welfare Assistant / Ward Women Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Welfare Education Assistant Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Ward Administrative Secretary Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Engineering Assistant Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Ward Amenities Secretary Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Village Revenue Officer Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Village Surveyor Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Village Agriculture Assistant Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Village Horticulture Assistant Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Village Fisheries Assistant Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Village Sericulture Assistant Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Digital Assistant Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Animal Husbandry Assistant Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam ANM Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Ward Planning Regulation Secretary Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Ward welfare Development secretary Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary Exam Date
AP Sachivalayam Ward Sanitation & Environment Secretary Exam Date

Download Sachivalayam Exam Date PDF (updated on 28.08.2020)

Once the Sachivalayam exam date 2020 released, this page will be updated asap for Sachivalayam candidates’ reference purposes.

grama sachivalayam exam timings

The Andhra Pradesh Sachivalayam exam date and exam time is not yet available due to grama sachivalayam exam timings not released yet. Candidates should check the exam date information (this post) later for the exam date announcement.

Sachivalayam helpline Number

Those who are facing the issues on the application form or want to check the earlier tentative exam date, make use of the following numbers.

General Queries: 9121296051, 9121296052, 9121296053, 9121296054, 9121296055

Technical issues:  9121148061, 9121148062

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Grama Sachivalayam exam hall ticket date

The Sachivalayam hall ticket date is available before 10-15 days of the exam date, The Sachivalayam exam schedule is likely available in June/July 2020 month. Sachivalayam recruitment is going to release the official dates soon on the official website.

Grama Sachivalayam engineering assistant exam date

When AP Grama Sachivalayam Exam Date 2020 conducted.?

As per the earlier announcement: Pending recruitment drive exams will be conducted after/within 15 days of lockdown lift in India.

How to check Sachivalayam vacancies district wise?

As of now, there is no information is available.

ap grama sachivalayam exam date 2020 expected date.?

Expected dates: 20.09.2020 Onwards

AP grama Sachivalayam 2020 exam date?

20.09.2020 Onwards

Should I wear a MASK and Sanitiser for the exam attend.?

Yes, candidates should own MASK and Hand Sanitiser during the exam.

grama ward sachivalayam exam date 2020?

20.09.2020 Onwards

When Grama Sachivalayam hall tickets available date.?

In the First week of September 2020 (Hall tickets will be available online, Download and take the print and attend the exam accordingly).

gramasachivalayam notification 2020 exam date?

20.09.2020 Onwards (official updated on 13th August 2020)

AP Grama sachivalayam exam schedule?

20.09.2020 onwards



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