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AP DSC Mock Test: Andhra Pradesh DSC Started Online application started in the month of November and it taking online applications now, those who are still not applied yet can apply on or before AP DSC the last date of online application. Attempt the daily and regular based AP DSC Quiz examination.

Team Examdays giving daily based AP DSC Online free tests for candidates requirement purpose, candidates have to take regular AP DSC Online Tests and practice the more and more and get updated with Team Examdays,

AP DSC Mock Test

Attempt the below assigned AP DSC Onlne test series from November Month onwards.

1 80503140 – 2ను 11 నిశ్శేషంగా భాగించాలంటే ఖాళీలో ఉండాల్సిన అంకె ఏది? / 80503140 – 2 is the number that should be in the empty space to divide 11 in silence?

Answer – 5

2 రెండు భిన్నాల భేదం 6 1/4 , పెద్ద సంఖ్య 7 1/3అయితే చిన్న సంఖ్య ఎంత? / What is the smallest number of two fractions difference of 6 1/4, the larger number 7 1/3?

Answer: 13/12

3 ఒక సైకిల్ విలువ రూ. 950. వాడకం వల్ల ప్రతిసంవత్సరం దాని విలువ 5% తగ్గుతుంది. ఒక సంవత్సరం తర్వాత దాని విలువ ఎంత ఉంటుంది? / The value of a bicycle is Rs. 950. Every year the value will be reduced by 5% due to the use. How much will it be after a year?

Answer: Rs. 903.50/-

4 ఒక వ్యక్తి ప్రవాహానికి ఎదురుగా 4 గంటలు ప్రయాణించి, అక్కడ నుంచి బయలుదేరిన స్థలానికి 2 గంటల్లో తిరిగి వచ్చాడు. నిలకడ నీటిలో అతడి వేగం 5 కి.మీ./గం. అయితే ప్రవాహ వేగం ఎంత? / One man traveled 4 hours opposite to the flow and returned within 2 hours to the place where he left. His speed is 5 km / h. What is the flow rate?

Answer: 5/3 KMPH

5 ఉపాధ్యాయుడు తనను తాను విద్యార్థి స్థానంలో ఊహించుకుని అభ్యసనానుభవాలను కలగజేసే పద్ధతి.? / The teacher is a method of learning and learning to replace the student himself.?

Answer: గుర్తింపు పద్ధతి / Identification Method

6 They don’t deliver the post on Sundays. (Select the passive sentence from the given options).?

Answer: గుర్తింపు పద్ధతి / Identification Method

7 I am very disappointed ……….. him. I really thought I could trust him.?

Answer: The post isn’t delivered on Sundays

A file/ folder with a collection of learner’s work assembled over a period of time is called as .?

Answer: Portfolio

9 Srimathi is a vegetarian. The meaning of the word underlined is.?

Answer: one who does not eat meat. 

10 Many chemicals react ……….. in acid solution.?

Answer: more quickly

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