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monthly current affairs

Monthly Current Affairs 2024 PDF: Current Affairs CA is important for every examination; it plays a vital role in every State and national PSU examination as a section-wise mark of around 20 to 30. Getting the right current affairs is difficult for the aspirants in PDF format. Here Team #Examdays has provided a monthly current affairs pdf.

Those preparing for the State and PSU examinations can download the Monthly PDF documents. A monthly Current Affairs PDF is added. Now candidates can download the complete January to December PDF copy in a single document. We have added and updated the monthly current affairs pdf for the candidates who are preparing for the various private and public examinations.

Current Affairs 2024 PDF Free Download

  • Latest Update: We have added the December to January 2023 monthly PDF below.

Current Affairs Capsule 2024 PDF

Monthly current affairs are “current affairs 2024 pdf download,” and these English and Telugu current affairs 2024 pdf free download in English. Check the detailed information for the current affairs monthly pdf free download.

Month Wise CA FileDownload PDF Link
January 2024 Current AffairsLink Available Soon
February 2024 Current Affairs##
March 2024 Current Affairs##
April 2024 Current Affairs##
May 2024 Current Affairs##
June 2024 Current Affairs##
July 2024 Current Affairs##
August 2024 Current Affairs##
September 2024 Current Affairs##
October 2024 Current Affairs##
November 2024 Current Affairs##
December 2024 Current Affairs##

Current Affairs Capsule 2023 PDF

Month Wise CA FileDownload PDF Link
January 2023 Current AffairsJan 2023 Monthly PDF Download
February 2023 Current AffairsFeb 2023 Monthly PDF Download
March 2023 Current AffairsMarch 2023 Monthly CA PDF
April 2023 Current AffairsApril 2023 Monthly CA PDF
May 2023 Current AffairsMay 2023 Monthly CA PDF
June 2023 Current AffairsJune 2023 Monthly CA PDF
July 2023 Current AffairsJuly 2023 Monthly CA PDF
August 2023 Current AffairsAugust 2023 Monthly CA PDF
September 2023 Current AffairsSeptember 2023 Monthly CA PDF
October 2023 Current AffairsOctober 2023 Monthly CA PDF
November 2023 Current AffairsNovember 2023 Monthly CA PDF
December 2023 Current AffairsDecember 2023 Monthly CA PDF

Download Telugu Monthly Current Affairs PDF

monthly current affairs pdf 2022

Month Wise CA FileDownload Link
January 2022 Current AffairsDownload JAN 2022 CA PDF
February 2022 Current AffairsFEB 2022 Monthly CA
March 2022 Current AffairsMarch 2022 Monthly CA PDF
April 2022 Current AffairsApril 2022 Monthly CA PDF
May 2022 Current AffairsMay 2022 Monthly CA PDF
June 2022 Current AffairsJune 2022 Monthly CA PDF
July 2022 Current AffairsJuly 2022 Monthly CA PDF
August 2022 Current AffairsAugust 2022 Monthly CA PDF
September 2022 Current AffairsSeptember 2022 Monthly CA PDF
October 2022 Current AffairsOctober 2022 Monthly CA PDF
November 2022 Current AffairsNovember 2022 Monthly CA PDF
December 2022 Current AffairsDecember 2022 Monthly CA PDF

Current affairs book 2021 pdf download

The details are current affairs March 2022 pdf free download and monthly current affairs 2022 pdf free download pdf is available online. Current affairs pdf free download in the below pdf links.

Monthly Current AffairsPDF CA Capsule
January 2021 Current AffairsJanuary 2021 CA PDF
February 2021 Current AffairsFebruary 2021 CA PDF
March 2021 Current AffairsMarch 2021 CA PDF
April 2021 Current AffairsApril 2021 CA PDF
May 2021 Current AffairsMay 2021 CA PDF
June 2021 Current AffairsJune 2021 CA PDF
July 2021 Current Affairs PDFJuly 2021 CA PDF
August 2021 Current Affairs PDFAugust 2021 CA PDF
September 2021 Current Affairs PDFSeptember 2021 CA PDF
October 2021 Current Affairs PDFOctober 2021 CA PDF
November 2021 Current Affairs PDFNovember 2021 CA PDF
December 2021 Current Affairs PDFDecember 2021 CA PDF

Monthly Current Affairs pdf 2020

Monthly Current AffairsPDF CA Capsule
January Current AffairsJanuary 2020 CA PDF
February Current AffairsFebruary 2020 CA PDF
March Current AffairsMarch 2020 CA PDF
April Current AffairsApril 2020 CA PDF
May Current AffairsMay 2020 CA PDF
June Current AffairsJune 2020 CA PDF
July Current Affairs PDFJuly 2020 CA PDF
August Current Affairs PDFAugust 2020 CA PDF
September Current Affairs PDFSeptember 2020 CA PDF
October Current Affairs PDFOct 2020 CA PDF
November Current Affairs PDFNov 2020 CA PDF
December Current Affairs PDFDec 2020 CA PDF

Current affairs quiz pdf

The monthly Current Affairs quiz examination is available for Examdays users FREE of cost, register and follow the mobile App guidelines and attempt the FREE online quiz test. The examination is available in Hindi and English languages.

Also, We provide monthly current affairs pdf, which helps for any examination like Banking, SSC, Railways RRB, UPSC, PSC, PSU, State Govt exams, and other related exams, Where Current Affairs are covered as a section.

Monthly Current Affairs 2019

Monthly Current AffairsPDF CA Capsule
December 2019 Current Affairs December 2019 CA PDF
November 2019 Current Affairs November 2019 CA PDF
October 2019 Current Affairs October 2019 CA PDF
September 2019 Current Affairs September 2019 CA PDF 
August 2019 Current Affairs August 2019 CA PDF
July 2019 Current Affairs July 2019 CA PDF
June 2019 Current affairsJune 2019 CA PDF
May 2019 Current AffairsMay 2019 CA PDF
April 2019 Current AffairsApril 2019 CA PDF
March 2019 Current AffairsMarch 2019 CA PDF
February 2019 Current AffairsFEB 2019 CA PDF
January 2019 Current AffairsJanuary 2019 CA PDF

Current Affairs 2023 PDF Download

Download the Current Affairs 2023 pdf of any exam preparation. These current affairs cover general knowledge and current affairs pdf free download, simple hit the monthly pdf documents and download the PDF files and prepare for the exam accordingly and don’t forget to download monthly current affairs pdf.

Top 5 Reasoning Books PDF 

Current Affairs 2023 pdf in English

Download the Current Affairs pdf in English medium from 2023, 2022. 2021, 2020, and 2019 monthly wise current affairs, the complete pdf covers all the sections and topics of the current affairs. And the previous year’s monthly current affairs pdf download is also available on this page for the candidate’s exam preparation reference purposes. We also start to cover current affairs in Hindi pdf. The details will be available.

How to download the Monthly CA PDF capsule.?

Use the above link and download the Monthly CA.

Is PDF Capsule downloadable.?

Yes, it is FREE of cost too.

What topics are covered for exams.?

Examdays Current Affairs PDF covers all monthly wise, which are important for any exam in India.

Current affairs 2023 pdf download?

Yes, for year, the current affairs are available in pdf form

Current Affairs 2023 in Hindi pdf download

Download the monthly Hindi CA capsule.

June current affairs 2023 pdf

Yes, download from the above pdf link. Current affairs pdf

July current affairs 2023 pdf

Yes, the July pdf is available as per schedule.

Current affairs 2023 pdf in English?

Yes, the monthly wise Current Affairs are available in pdf

may current affairs 2023 pdf

Download May current affairs pdf from the above pdf link

August current affairs 2023 pdf

Aug CA capsule is available

October current affairs 2023 pdf

Download the OCT Ca capsule

March 2023 current affairs pdf

Download March PDF from the above link

February current affairs 2023 pdf

FEB current affairs pdf will be available soon.

Current Affairs 2023 pdf free download in English?

Check the current affairs capsule 2023 monthly wise.

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